Thursday, October 23, 2014

Place Review: Twisted Murderer

It's another murder game, and one that has been here for quite a while now (actually for almost a month). For those of you who don't know what I'm referring to (or are too busy playing The Mad Murderer, Murder Mystery, or some other game), I'm talking about Twisted Murderer. Made by taymaster (creator of games like Twisted Racing and Twisted Plastic 2), let's see just how twisted this game is! (Note: This review [or comparison] will focus on the differences between Murder Mystery, The Mad Murderer and Twisted Murderer. Also, this review was written before the release of the Spooky Update, and thus will not cover the things in the update.) 

Before we start talking about the gameplay, lets look at the lobby. The lobby is very majestic (and nice) as you
can see in the picture on the right. You can also sort of roleplay in the lobby as there is a shop selling coffee and pizza, although it is fake and you can't get anything. There are tables and seats near the shop, and you can perhaps sit down and talk to your friends in between rounds. In short, this lobby is one of the best I have seen in murder games. Moving on to the gameplay, the first thing you will notice when you start a round is you spawn as yourself, not other characters. I don't really like this as people tend to team up with each other and this may sometimes make it hard for other people to win a round. For example, if 2 players who are teaming up happen to be both the murderer and the sheriff, the sheriff may not do anything until he is the only one left besides the murderer and then let the murderer kill him. Does that sound fair to the other players? I do not think so. Some of you may say that it is possible to team up in the other two games. However, it is harder to team up as you have to either rely on the party chat or Skype (if you team up with real life friends), or if you are teaming up with someone you don't know, you will have to say out your name in the in game chat. The problem with this however, is that people can pretend to be somebody that you are teaming up with. So, teaming up is not very useful in this case.

The next thing unusual about this game is that instead of changing maps every round in The Mad Murderer (for Murder Mystery, the map is decided through voting by players), the maps for the round do not change until after a special round (which I will talk about later). The good thing about this is that it gives you the chance to master a map. However, playing the same map for 4 rounds can get boring at times and worst still, it takes a long time to load another map after the special round. Luckily, the maps in this game are nice and the size is neither too big or too small.

Next up, is the special round. There are 6 types of special rounds, namely Murderer Madness (essentially a copy of The Mad Murderer's Murderer Madness), Sheriff Showdown (sheriff version of Murderer Madness), Double Trouble (two murderers and two sheriffs), Cold Killer (basically freeze tag), Juggernaut (1 murderer vs sheriffs) and Stick and Stones (half the players are Murderers while the other half are Sheriffs). I like these special rounds as they make the game more fun, especially Double Trouble and Sticks and Stones. I mean, would you rather stick to the original gameplay in
Anybody, help?
Murder Mystery, only Murderer Madness in The Mad Murderer or 6 different types of special rounds in Twisted Murderer. The answer is quite obvious, don't you think so?

The shop offers many items, ranging from purely cosmetic skins for knifes and guns to the perks and abilities that can help you win a round. The items are reasonably priced (no paying for round garbage in The Mad Murderer), and can be bought with the in game currency, which you can only get by winning a round or buying it. Just remember not to buy the Anonymous perk, which is quite useless and won't really help you. Instead, save your money and buy other perks or abilities. Taymaster also gives out free items by releasing a code on his Twitter account, which you can then redeem in the game (nothing beats free stuff). So in terms of the shop, Twisted Murderer's is definitely the best, while The Mad Murderer and (especially) Murder Mystery is lagging behind.

There are earbuds which you can use to play music for free.  Yes, you heard that right, it's free, although only you can hear it. Of course, if you would like to share your music with everyone, you can buy the Twisted Radio gamepass for 500 robux. Speaking of gamepasses, there are 3 more gamepasses, and they are VIP (basically a donation), 3x chance to be Murderer and 3x chance to be Sheriff. Best thing is, these gamepasses are affordable (well at least if we compare the prices of the gamepasses). For example, the higher chance to be Murderer gamepass in The Mad Murderer is about 4000 robux (or 420420 tickets), while the one in Twisted Murderer is 1200 robux. The difference is 2800 robux, which is a lot and according to the gamepass description, it allows somebody who has the gamepass only has up to 3x chance to be the murderer. It pretty much explains everything, So once again, Twisted Murderer wins in gamepasses (except for the VIP which is totally useless and The Mad Murderer's is better, although it's 20x more expensive).

Just recently introduced is 'Murderer Chance', which determines the amount of the chance of the player becoming a murderer. This is gained solely by playing rounds. Murder Mystery also has the same feature, except that the result of the rounds that the player plays in will affect the chance of him or her becoming the murderer.

One last thing about this game that makes it more fair. When there are 2 innocent (or 3 people left if in special rounds), their locations are revealed to the murderer. In The Mad Murderer and Murder Mystery, the innocent win if the murderer is unable to kill all the innocent within the time limit and thus the surviving innocent is not likely to move from their hiding place if the murderer can't find them. With this feature, the remaining innocent will be scrambling to find the gun as the murderer knows their locations and can kill them easily. This also encourages murderers who are guarding the gun to move off and kill the innocent as they know that they now have a higher chance of victory.

Now, who should my first target be?
To sum up this review (or comparison), despite some of its shortcomings, Twisted Murderer is (in my opinion) the best murder game for now until a even better one pops out. Now, if you would excuse me, I'm going to play Twisted Murderer.


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