Saturday, October 4, 2014

Halloween Gift Guessers: Mystical Gift of the Arbor

May the gifts of the season continue to grow.

Day 4 came with the first questionable gift - what it contains is honestly a mystery to me. Oh, and sorry about the late post today - the gift came out pretty early and I wasn't home at all today. Anyways, this is the Mystical Gift of the Arbor, and it's basically a tree stump with an axe in it and a bow on the side - it's 250 Robux, and I'm somewhat clueless as to what this gift contains.

Guess Based on the Appearance:
Seeing as how this is a tree stump, there are multiple options for it. Something that is wood related could come out, I'd guess a wanwood item, but the price seems too low to be something that good. It could be a top hat based on the shape of the trunk and how it fits on your head - but then again, all tree trunks look like that. Another guess is that it could be another axe prop like we got in 2011, but I don't really see why they'd remake that. But overall, I'm confused by this. 

..Based on the Description:
The description is "May of the gifts of the season continue to grow," which actually gives a nice hint as to whats inside. Basically, it infers that it's going to be a tree. It's saying that the gifts of the season grow, meaning this gift will "grow" when it opens. I could see it being something similar to the Holiday Branchlers, but just like.. a different holiday - Halloween. It could be branchlers that have jack o' lanterns on it, or maybe a dead tree as antlers.

This was a fairly difficult gift to guess, but based on the description, I strongly think that the item inside is some sort of antlers, or branchlers, or maybe even a fully grown tree that just sits on your head - who knows? But the prize will involve wood. Probably.

Oh, and since this is the gift that I'm somewhat clueless on, leave a comment saying what YOU think is inside!