Thursday, October 2, 2014

Halloween Gift Guessers: Gift of Robloxians Past

What remains after everything else is gone?

Day two of BLOXtober is underway! Last night, the first gift, Batty Gift of Affordable Style, was released for 50 Robux. Tonight, we got the Gift of Robloxians Past - a very unique gift indeed. It's priced at 100 Robux, and has a very unique mesh that resembles a skull, possibly hinting at what's inside...

Riddling Skull Theory
The Riddling Skull
My guess for this gift is that it will contain a Riddling Skull. The name of the gift, Gift of Robloxians Past, shows that it is most likely some sort of a remake of a classic hat. The gift is shaped like a skull, and the description of the gift hints at the skeleton of a body. All of this adds up to some sort of skeleton hat, and the gift itself finishes the puzzle of what type of skeleton hat - the gift is a skull! Although it could just end up being any old skull, I think it will be a remake of the original Riddling Skull, but completely white, based on the name of the gift hinting at the past of ROBLOX.

Skeleton Headrow Theory

My second theory is actually based on ROBLOX uploading the texture and mesh for a hat about a week ago - a skeleton headrow. This also fits the name of the hat, because a headrow is a very classical item, but I don't really think that a headrow really fits the mesh of the gift and the description. A headrow is two heads that are both skulls, while the gift's mesh and description hint at only a single skull. Many people that I've seen on twitter believe that it's the headrow, just because it was already uploaded. Nonetheless, I think that the headrow theory is flawed, but could definitely be possible.

Personally, I think that this gift will open up to be a Riddling Skull, or maybe even some sort of new Skeleton package, who knows? I don't really think it'll be a headrow, but I guess we'll have to wait and see!

Comment below saying which of my two guesses you'd prefer - Skull or Headrow?