Friday, October 10, 2014

The Return of Halloween Items - 2014

 Returning of Halloween Items


Hello! I'm the new Catalog Analyst, xxMarvelBobbyxx! Recently, about three of the classic ROBLOX Halloween items have just went on sale, and I would like to inform everyone of these items!


1. Headless Horseman


Our wonderful, Headless Horseman package was introduced to us last year during Halloween 2013. On October 10th, this package went back on-sale for 31,000R$. Last year the price was the same! I believe this package will remain rare even after the 19 days it's timer is set to.

2. Classic ROBLOX Pumpkin Head


Our classical, pumpkin head has been around since Halloween 2007, and we cherish him to this day. The Classic ROBLOX Pumpkin Head has been the same price since 2007; 250R$ and the sales number is about 40.8K at the time of review. No timer is currently set on the pumpkin head, but it will most likely go offsale with this year's Halloween Harbinger on November, 1st.

3. Halloween Harbinger 2014


Last year's Harbinger has returned in with a new mesh and texture as our 2014 Halloween Harbinger. The chain of the Halloween Harbingers started in 2009, and was not reintroduced until last year. As said with the pumpkin head, this hat will most likely go offsale on November, 1st.

Tune into my catalog reviews and item comparisons during the entire month of BLOXtober!