Sunday, October 12, 2014

Halloween Gift Guessers: Day 10 - Reverse Gift of the Undertaker

Hello! It's xxMarvelBobbyxx, Catalog Analyst! Day 10, brought us a very evil gift, with a very interesting and revealing mesh. The Assistant Editor of Roblox News will be sharing his thoughts, on what will come out of the day 10 BLOXtober gift.

Zakkeh's Opinion:
First of all, what do you do here at Roblox News?
I am the Assistant Editor who is pretty much in control of Roblox News. I help make big decisions, and I help to make the blog better while hiring new, and brilliant workers.
Personally what do you think will come out of the Reverse Gift of the Undertaker, priced at 2,000 robux?
It's clearly a bat of some sort; perhaps an Overseer's bat? It's shaped like a bat which gives away the gift per say. But, I can also infer from the eyes that are completely the same to the ones on the Overseer package, that this will be something to do with the Overseer trade.
Are you excited for the opening of this gift? If no, why?
Not really. I don't see much point in gifts. They hardly ever go limited; they're usually ugly.
Thank you for your participation, and we all respect your honest opinion!

I hope you enjoyed this article, and I will be back for Days 11, 12, and 13!