Thursday, October 23, 2014

Game Review: BLOODFEST

Hello, I am Darkie Roblox. I haven't introduced myself yet. My roblox username is lilsal5. You can add me if you wish. I am the new Game Journalist here at Roblox News. This is my first game review. I hope you enjoy!

You probably saw a game called "BLOODFEST". A zombie-shooting game that became popular about a week ago. This game is one of the runner ups of the Game Creation Challenge. The gameplay and the features in this game are outstanding!


"BLOODFEST" is a horror game created by doneyes. It takes place in a secluded neighborhood. Players game play as military personnel, and can roam around to discover different parts of the map. The survivors must team-up and survive the endless waves of zombies, coming to kill each player.


If you play this game, you will be blown on it's features. The zombies here is only AI. The game is not PvP (Player vs Player) like Reason 2 Die. As roblox added animation editing. Which is best update of all time of roblox. The gameplay experience you will see is so realistic.

You will begin at the game that appears to have a menu that let you customize your outfit. You choose from a wide range of hats, and three classic clothing loadouts which all belongs to the militia and rebels. You will also see a class list which that you can choose what class you can be. You can unlock them by killing numerous of zombies, upgrading and ranking up.

If you are ready to play, click the "ready" button at the bottom middle of the screen. This will take you to the wave which the other survivors is on..

After the loadout screen is finished. You will begin with a weapon called Glock-17, a basic pistol. Each gun you have will have unlimited ammunation. That will be considered to me as "unfair" for the zombies though but however, there is a limit to the amount of body armor and grenades/frags; and you can purchase more using the in-game dollars that you earn through killing the zombies.

If you survived the wave that the other survivors is on, the zombies will not attack until the next wave begins. That means the survivors need to find the shop and buy some things to use for surviving. You will be notified by a game showing the location of the shop. Here you can buy some weapons, items and etc.
(You will be automatically kicked out of the shop if you stay too long inside when the next wave begins.)


At the time of review, i saw only 3 zombies here. Which is some Flesh Zombies, Rocket-Shooting Zombies and a Chainsaw Zombies. I don't think it's a zombie because they look mutant more than a zombie. Or i call it "Mutant Zombies". But, They have massive health but easily killed by shooting them in the head. They will be headless if they are shot by headshot. And die.
A group of Flesh Zombies

The first zombie you will encounter throughout the game is the Flesh Zombies. They have blood mostly on their torso and carries a knife or a sword when they don't have left arm. The half of their ribs is shown on their torso with the joint of the left arm. You mostly see them attacking with other group of zombies. They are the basic zombie you will encounter throughout the game. They are easy to kill. But if your the only survivor remaining. The group of these zombies will kill you.
A Flesh Zombie (At the middle), Chainsaw Zombie (At the left)
Rocket-Shooting Zombie (At upper right) and a player being killed.
The Chainsaw Zombie has a circle-thingy that he uses as a weapon. This was called "Chainsaw Zombie" because how this zombie use its weapon like a chainsaw. It has more health than the Rocket-Shooting Zombie. This zombie will spawn at wave 3 or higher waves. You can kill them by the help of your teammates.

While the Rocket-Shooting Zombie is a long-range shooting zombie that uses an explosive weapon called "Rocket Launcher". It has more health than the Flesh Zombies. They shoot the survivor nearby on its sight. You can also kill it by the work with your teammates.

Basic Guides

• Always stay up on group with 3 or more people. Always backup each other.
• Try ranking up and use some classes.
• Buy a weapon from the shop. You will lost it if you died.
• Never Rush at zombies, stay on defense.
• If your in low health, try to stay on the side of your teammates. You can press Q key to heal yourself.
• Keep moving. Don't stay always defending yourselves. Use the WASD keys and circle around the zombies.
• Buy good guns, It will deal so much damage to zombies.
• Always shoot the zombies in the head for instant-kill. (It will take a little longer for the Chainsaw and Rocket Zombie to die by headshot)
• If you want to donate your teammate, press B key to drop money.
• You can purchase an item using your golds by pressing V key.
• You can press E key or just click the shop button inside the shop to open the shop menu.


Building ===• 8/10 Nice building skills. But i suggest that he should build more so the map should be good more.

Scripting ===• 9/10 Very good scripting skills, He used some good scripts which makes the gameplay look cool.

Gameplay ===• 9.6/10 Very realistic Gameplay. The zombies have animations when killed. People helping each other and zombies being slaughtered around the map.

Overall Rating : 10/10 It's building skills is just good. But the scripting of the game is really awesome. The gameplay is much realistic. 

Hope that you enjoyed this article. Click here to play the game.

Darkie Roblox/lilsal5
~Game Journalist