Sunday, July 27, 2014

New Site Theme Overview!

Hello readers, RayMan36 here with the reason I'm a god among men. I'm talking about the brand spankin' new Roblox site theme, which only 20% of the community has. There is a screenshot below:

I'm kidding.

Let me start off by saying this is not the actual theme. The new theme is much more refined and features a general search bar and a side bar. It looks like this:
Please enlarge.
But this is only on the wide screens. If you are on anything small, like a tiny monitor, tablet, or phone, you will get this theme, which is the same but comes with the ability to toggle the sidebar.

Also, now instead of the old top right bar with robux, tickets, messages, profile link, and friend requests, we have three buttons in the top left.
Sorry for bad crop job. If you hover over each icon, you get the respective drop down menu.

So now, friend requests and messages are located over on the right sidebar, and show a number when the sidebar is closed.
But probably the best feature is the all around search bar. If you type in anything, it automatically has "people" as the first option, but sometimes changes if you have already searched the item. 
This reminds me of the search feature in 2008: 
So all in all, I really like it. It's a great new theme for roblox. It's clean, sleek, and cool. I only have a few suggestions.
1. Have a link on the sidebar for purchases/sales. I like to look at my sales when I'm sad, so I want a link right from any page.
2. CLEAN UP THAT WHITE SPACE! Really, that's a problem we've been having every since the white box in the top right (april 2012?) turned into blue and the top header was shortened. It's so boring. I wish there was some way to make it customizable on the website. A background picture, like these, could rotate out, and have special event wallpapers during the time it's on.

Like it? Want more pictures? Comment or tweet me @rayman36_rblx