Sunday, December 2, 2012

RN Giftspolsion! 1st Gift

Just like every holiday season, RN will be hosting a Giftsplosion just like ROBLOX does. But this year, we're gonna have a small twist. Instead of just telling you how to get the item, we are going to give you hints (just like ROBLOX does) and you are to find out how to meet the requirements of the gift and then meet them. I have already confirmed several gifts with arbirator. The first gift that will be obtainable will be the Gift of the Intelligent.

Once you find the trivia questions and you figure out the answers, PM them to either me or arb (preferably me). Remember, you only have 3 tries to guess all 6 questions correctly. If you miss them, I will tell you how many you missed and you will then need to find the ones you missed and correct them to receive this gift! This gift will not be given out past Dec. 14th so get your answers in early!