Friday, August 8, 2014

Place review: Contact | Alpha

Greetings, I am xLando, I apologize for lack of content. I have been at boarding school for the past month, and have had little time to work on Roblox News. Here is my newest Place review:

Contact | Alpha


This game is a revolution in Roblox FPS (First Person Shooter) games, as it features top-tier, cutting edge, game-play features. The creator utilizes amazing graphics and effects that go well with the game play.

First, I will be talking about the game's spawn options. This feature alone includes multiple new and exciting options, such as being able to spawn in a vehicle, however,  I will be talking about vehicles later. The spawn options include selecting custom equipment, armor, and gun loadouts, like multiple new FPS games have. It also has a squad select, a feature in the Popular Xbox One and PlayStation 4 game, Battlefield 4. This feature is the first to be implemented in a Roblox game, and it does it well. The squad selection has a random join squad, and a squad leader who has certain options to control his squad.

Another amazing feature is the graphical effects. This game features realistic effects, trying to re-create what actual soldiers see and hear. The game has fake lens flares, for when you look at the sun or look close to it.  The sounds also sound like real life, from walking through a forest, to driving in a convoy of tanks. Even with the Roblox limitations for graphics, the game still does an amazing job to make you think you aren't playing a simple Roblox FPS game, but you are playing another game known as Contact | Alpha.

One of the best features in this game is gameplay, the game is fast-paced capture the base/domination/hardpoint (Depending on the modern FPS game your using for reference). The game has many likeable traits of a first person shooter game, but this game really steps up to fill the position of the Best Roblox First Person Shooter game out there. It has multiple gun textures and types, including attachments for each weapon, helping the player for a variety of ways; For example:

The Silencer attached to a MP44 pistol.

The Silencer is a gun attachment which "silences" weapons by muffling the sound. The silencer's main use is for stealth, and secrecy; quickly killing your enemies without raising the alarm.

The extra guns and gun features add to the gameplay, giving you a reason to stick around and play; so you can unlock new weapons, attachments, and perks. Contact | Alpha's massive maps and terrains help with your experience. It takes effort and time to  reach an objective, so you can't just waltz your way through the game.

Then there is an amazing feature in this game, Vehicles. With Contact | Alpha's massive maps, it's almost impossible to walk everywhere, so vehicles come in handy. The vehicle's hard-to-learn controls make maneuverability tricky, but once mastered the vehicles come in handy for any occasion.

My final marks are based on all of these properties stated in the review.

Gameplay: 8/10
FPS gamed are generally fun to play and enjoyable for all, but this upgrades that feeling with the amazing additions to this FPS which could be a bit bland.

Scripting: 10/10
This game gets perfect marks for an amazing GUI for spawning,  graphical effects, and sounds correlating with scripting.

Design: 7/10
Maps could be a bit more creative, however, they are big and good for First person shooter games.

The game creator (FlightTheory) put serious effort into this, going to make a whole other account specifically for the game, and had a developing team to help him.