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SmashBlox: The New Platformer on the Block

The platformer-fighter game genre is relatively new, only being around since 1999, yet it's now one of the most beloved and recognizable game types of all time. Haven't heard of it? Maybe you've heard of Super Smash Bros - the first, most successful, and arguably best platformer-fighter which takes memorable characters from Nintendo franchises (and some third party), pits them against each other on a multitude of stages with references to all of the deep corners of Nintendo's history.

Why is this ROBLOX-related?

Simple. The platformer-fighter genre is coming to ROBLOX.

A two man team of notable LMaDer and retexturer (an admin of RAOC who created hats such as Bluesteel Bathysphere and Blizzaria: the Frozen) DarkGenex, as well as the experienced scripter (who's worked on games such as Ultimate Marble Rider and the Roblox News Egg Hunts), TechTeam911, is making a platformer-fighter based on Super Smash Bros. titled "SmashBlox". The SmashBlox twitter page, @SmashBloxRBLX, says it all - "Welcome to SmashBlox, the 2.5D Platformer-Fighter based on Nintendo's hit franchise. @DarkGenex is your Sakurai [Masahiro Sakurai, the director of Smash Bros], @rbx_tt911 is your Namco-Bandai". DarkGenex, being one to work with graphic design and an avid fan of Smash Bros (following him on Twitter will result in your feed spammed with cries for Rhythm Heaven's Chorus Kids and Metroid's Ridley), is the creative director of the game who is also working on the menu design and various graphics. TechTeam911, who is fluent in and has pretty much mastered Lua, is working on the game engine and core of the game.

The game has been in development since May, however, there is no announced or set release date for the game.

Embedded image permalinkThe Smash Bros. games are known for their selection of characters, stages, and items (if they're turned on). What is SmashBlox going to bring to the table? Since SmashBlox is a ROBLOX game, throw aside Nintendo characters like Mario and Link for characters ROBLOXians will recognize such as Shedletsky and Builderman. The current playable roster for SmashBlox consists of Shedletsky, a noob from 2006 (titled "06er Noob"), a Redcliff Knight, Builderman, Patient Zero from Apocalypse Rising, and Lucky Lapin from the 2014 ROBLOX Egg Hunt. According to DarkGenex, this is half of the current playable roster, which will start at 12 and increase after the game's release. People are also able to request characters for the SmashBlox roster on this forum thread.

Embedded image permalink
Apocalypse Rising SmashBlox stage
The stages are something unique about the SmashBlox development - users are allowed to submit their own stages to be added to the game. The SmashBlox twitter has released information about three stages so far, one based on Stickmasterluke's "Fencing", one based on BlackFather's "zambees r attakin kfc!!111", and one based on the three major Murder games. They have also confirmed that the famous "Final Destination" and "Battlefield" stages from the Super Smash Bros. series will return, in the words of competitive smashers, "to make it 20XX". The image above displays the 'Apocalypse Rising' stage which pays homage to Gusmanak's hit ROBLOX title which recently topped 20 million visits. It is a apocalyptic survival game inspired by the Day Z mod for Arma 2 and now standalone game.

Few items have been revealed, and most of them have been based off of ROBLOX hats or gears. They have revealed the Knife from the Murder games, the Teapot Hat, the Gravity Coil, and the Ban Hammer will be items that can be used in gameplay. A selection of items can be seen below:

They also sent us this image of a character soon to be revealed on the SmashBlox account. I wonder who it could be?

To view the full exclusive never-before-seen image album for SmashBlox, click here.
You can check out their regular image album by clicking here.

How does the SmashBlox team deliver new information about their game? Their Twitter page regularly updates with new information and shows off things every few days. @SmashBloxRBLX

This article along with images was provided by DarkGenex whom gave us permission to use this content. @DarkGenex is a member of the SmashBlox development team.

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