Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Meet razecpt, Your New Intern!

Hello, I’m razecpt a summer intern here at Roblox News.

 I found roblox back in 2010 when I saw a friend playing it, So I made an account. As soon as I started I got hooked to the idea of user made games. So I made several accounts finally settling on razecpt. I played lots of games back then: Flight simulators, Obbys (it got old really fast), tycoons and First Person Shooters. Now I’m more of a builder.

I’m a Canadian, I’m also a musician: I play guitar, ukulele, bass, alto-sax, recorder. I prefer string instruments as you can see. I’m also an athlete: I like soccer, run cross country, and track and field. I’m also a bookworm, e-books just never match up.

 I’ve recently become the leader of a war group, It allows me, to experiment in many different areas that are useful. For example I can test out ads, see how people feel about my building skills (my visits have doubled) and it also gives a good community to share tips with. And like 95% of the community I want to become famous and have a great game. I also love building, Its one of those things that hooked me to roblox.

I’ll be a game reviewer, hopefully full time. I have a vast amount of experience in building, playing and some in scripting which I hope to put to good use here at Roblox News. Theres a lot of games out there to be reviewed and I want to be the one to review them! At the end of this internship I hope to be a full time reviewer (Obviously). But also acquire in depth knowledge about reviewing and hopefully sharpen up my language skills. I also hope to receive honest feedback.