Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Interns: Purple vs. Green

We're all looking forward to meeting our interns, and possible future staff. When you saw the intern post you probably thought 'same old same old' - but actually, this year there is a twist! Intrigued? You should be..

So, interns! This year, there is going to be competitiveness behind the intern programme. We are using two teams, the Green Team, and the Purple Team. The Green Team will be lead by Arbirator. The Purple Team will be lead by me. This isn't the only twist. This year we are going to be using 'assignments'. The assignments are going to be written by me and Arbirator, and given to the mentors. The mentors will explain the assignment to their intern, and they will mark their interns post and score it.
          At the end of the intern programme, there will be a 'grand task' for the intern. Once completed, the mentors will mark ever aspect of their intern's post, and then pass the results to me (if they're on the purple team) and Arbirator (if they're on the green team). We will then add up all the scores, and announce the winner. The team will keep a title for the whole year until the next intern programme, then that will be another competition.

There will also be a certain score an intern has to reach if they wish to stay at Roblox News as staff, this is a very low score and shouldn't be hard for any intern to reach if they put their mind to it!

Thanks for reading,