Thursday, August 21, 2014

Place review: Attack On Titan [Pre-Alpha]

Good day, readers, I am xLando. I would like to apologize ahead of time if this article appears to be rushed, or unfinished; I have a big deadline tonight, and I want to give all of the readers a new article. Anyways, as always I will try my best to succeed in quenching your thirsts for knowledge.

Place/Game Review:

Attack On Titan [PRE ALPHA]

By: RemonSama

Today I will be reviewing a game off of the popular Japanese Manga and TV show. The show is called "Attack On Titan" (in English). In this show, huge monsters (appropriately named "Titans") arise in 19th century-ish times, and they attack humanity. At the risk of total extinction, the remaining humans build three walls, *in order from the last wall to the first*

Wall Sina: The wall circling Humanity's capitol, home to the Military Police, and the king. I will not get into the show too much, due to the fact that I don't want to spoil anything about the show.

Wall Rose:
Nothing that special, other than it is a  wall for the Middle Class, who are able to afford all the necessities, but not too much more.

Wall Maria:
The outer wall, housing 60% of the population, and two thirds of the land.

Now, you may be asking:
"But how does any of that even matter, I thought this was about the game!?"
Well, thank you for being PATIENT. The Game does a amazing job of making it like the show, block-like characters and animations aside. Yes, the game has the iconic theme song, the walls, characters, and the titans.

A key point to mention is the weapons. In the show, the Army uses grappling-hook-like tools to maneuver around, hitting the Titans in the back of their necks. The game features this with easy controls, to kill the otherwise impossible to kill titans. The weapons are easy to learn, facturing to a high "Playable" rating.

Keep in mind:

This game is not on the front page (as of right now, it pops in sometimes), and it inst finished either. This game has potential, and that is what I am pointing out, in time it will deserve to be popular, people are already realizing it.

My final marks:

Gameplay: 6/10
The main reason this game is fun mostly because it features awesome features from the show translated to roblox features.

Aesthetics: 4.5/10
The aesthetics are interesting, quite and odd. Nothing special, though.

Scripting: 10/10
It seems to have taken weeks, possibly months to script this, animations, the map functions, titan spawning, titans, achievements, extra features, and on top of it all, the weapons.

Well, there you have it! The game's effort was a 9/10, but it is still in pre-alpha, so it will change. Hopefully the game's changes will be for the better.

Thank you for reading, Good day.