Friday, August 29, 2014

Labor Day Weekend Sale: Day 1

So it's the first day of the Labour Day Weekend sale and it is already off to a good start. With a multitude of items made limited, put on sale, and new versions of old gear, there is something for everyone (provided you have a small amount of robux). I will be listing the items that are featuring in this catalog sale and will be giving them a rating and a recommendation as to whether I would purchase them or not. Of course, as I am writing this in the opinionated style of a reviewer, you may take this in the subjective manner that is intended. You are welcome to make your own decisions on whether a sale item is for you or not. I will just be aiming to look for good value-for-money traits. So let us get into this first overview!

Day 1

Red Hyperbike

Red Hyperbike
Price: 900 R$
Collectable: No 
Recommendation: If you have the money and are looking for a flash transport item, this is the one to purchase.

Priced at 25R$ more than the original Hyperbike, the Red Hyperbike goes 10% faster than its counterpart. The design of the bike is pretty similar in itself utilising the same mesh, with a different colour texture and main pattern in the middle of the vehicle. If you were going to purchase  a Hyperbike, this would be your ideal choice as 25R$ is small change when you are willing to fork out more than R$800 for a gear item. Good value for money? Probably not compared to other transportation gear. Better than predecessor yes? The lighting effect displayed when travelling on this bike is also a sight to behold..

Rbadam's Smokestack Top HatRbadam's Smokestack Top Hat
Price: Original: 10,000R$, now trending at R$12,000
Collectable: Limited U, 101 copies sold.
Recommendation: Not great value for money. However, if you are looking for a hat that gives off smoke particles, I'm afraid this is your only choice. A bad investment for any trades. However it may increase in price over time due to its rarity.

Whilst the hat itself doesn't look too bad, the price put many punters off the item. Initially there were a total of 150 in stock, but ROBLOX changed the item to timed and 101 copies sold overall. Even with this boost to poor sales and a reduced number of total copies (increasing rarity) this item still struggled. It's currently making a significant loss when factoring the 30% market fee into the equation.

Sorcus' Lightning FedoraSorcus' Lightning Fedora
Price: Originally 10,000 R$, now trending at R$18,000-19k
CollectableLimited, 97 copies sold.
Recommendation: This item has done surprisingly well considering how new it is to the catalog (most owners will still be very active). Whilst it is not making huge amounts of profits, it has been successful in hard times for limiteds - lower demand for more expensive items due to Dev-Ex and other factors. Probably not a good investment at this time, but looks pretty cool.

The hat was released a couple of weeks ago as part of an 'admin-themed' weekend where items were released to correlate to the personality of staff members at ROBLOX. During this weekend, Sorcus' lighting Fedora was timed at a price of R$10,000. It is a rework of the popular modern fedora mesh that has been recycled numerous times over the last couple of years, and is probably the best version of the mesh to-date.

Spec Beta Biograft Energy SwordSpec Beta Biograft Energy Sword
Price: Originally Now trending at R$1,000,000
Collectable: Limited, 100 copies sold
Recommendation: It is the joint-rarest energy sword along with the Spec Epilson multi-coloured sword. It is also one of two energy swords that weren't sold as Limited U items. It would be a poor investment to trade or purchase one at the moment because there is a large risk that you will never make any profit from it, EVER. Apart from that, it looks pretty awesome.

The Spec Beta Biograft Energy Sword is the second oldest item of the popular energy sword series. It is certainly regarded as the most valuable of all, and has alluded being made limited for many years since its release. Now that it has finally been made limited, there isn't really anyone left to sell it would seem with two private sellers as of writing.

Golden Paintball MaskGolden Paintball Mask
Price: Originally R$250, now R$250 20% SAVING
Collectable: No
Recommendation: Whilst a reduction of 50R$ is no real game changer; this is a fantastic hat in terms of aesthetics. If you're going to buy it, now is the time to do it as you'll be saving yourself money. Probably the best looking paintball item for ROBLOX, and would still consider it very cheap. It uses the same/very-similar mesh to the Halloween Paintball Mask from 2011: so there's that to think about too.

Wizards of the Astral Isles: PegasusWizards of the Astral Isles: Pegasus
Price: R$2000, timed for 3 days and 16 hours
Collectable: No
Rcommendation: This item is a regular occurrence in ROBLOX catalog sales. Whilst R$2000 may see expensive for an over-glamorised transport social gear, it does come with unique animations and looks pretty great in-game. It all depends on whether you want to ride with serious style and are into that whole Greek mythology thing.

This item was first released in 2013 along with a number of Astral Isle gear items and a package. It was a hit straight away, and sold a fairly high amount for something with a R$2000 price-tag. It is one of the coolest transport gear items available in the catalog.

Workclock HeadphonesWorkclock Headphones
Price: R$3000
Collectable: No
Recommendation: For a rework of an all-time classic, 3k robux doesn't seem like a bad deal. However before you purchase it, you must consider the fact that the exclusivity of this hat series has come under scrutinty - there have been three previous retextures of the original CWHP. If you are a fan of the old mesh and simple design, but don't have enough robux for the original, then these are the headphones for you. The white plain colour looks nice and smooth too.

Korblox DeathspeakerKorblox Deathspeaker 
Price: Originally R$17,000. Now R$12,750 25% SAVING
Collectable: No
Recommendation: The Deathspeaker is an interesting package in that it doesn't have 'legs' as such, more stumps that make the character appear as if it is floating. For this effect alone, some would argue that it is worth buying at its current 25% discount. However, I would argue that this is extremely expensive for somewhat of a gimmick. Whilst the package itself looks pretty cool, I have never been a fan of the grey Korblox texture that is applied to the modern clan items; it looks somewhat dated. The texture on the skull however looks excellent with its use of shading.

The OverseerThe Overseer
Price: Originally R$2000. Now R$1000 50% SAVING
Collectable: No
Recommendation: At at 50% discount, I'd say this package is a pretty good deal for 1k robux. It features an excellent mesh with built-in Overseer eyeballs, and a fantastic texture that covers the bulky armour. If you are looking for a great character package this sale that will go well with fantasy and medieval items, this is the one to go for. There are also a number of Overseer items that will match perfectly with this body package.

Sleek SunglassesSleek Sunglasses
Price: Originally R$1500. Now R$500. 66% SAVING
Collectable: No
Recommendation: Despite being made many years ago in a galaxy far, far away, these shades still look great and fairly modern by ROBLOX hat standards. At a 66% discount this item is bargain and is very affordable at R$500 - you won't get much better shades for a lower price. If you are looking for shades that go with fedoras, bowlers, porkpies, or other similar hats, then these are the ones to go for (short of W-Inc shades which are far more expensive).

Bluesteel CrownBluesteel Crown
Price: Originally R$5000. Now R$2500  50% SAVING
Collectable: No 
Recommendation: This is a good discount on an excellent retexture. Whilst it is still more expensive than the golden crown, I believe it looks far better on your character. The item still has relatively low sales and therefore retains its exclusivity somewhat. This item would look good with other Bluesteel items, especially custom clothing which includes lavish suits and armour. I would recommend purchasing this item because the price reduction really does make a difference and it the best version of the original crown mesh (that is realistically available on the marketplace; Wanwood and Black Iron are not).

Thanks for reading!

Editor of Roblox News