Monday, August 18, 2014

SimplestLogic: New Intern 2014

Hello everyone. I am a new summer intern at Roblox News. I saw other interns writing and introduction about themselves, so I thought I would make one too. I am looking forward to the possibility of working at RN for a full-time job as a catalog analyst.

I discovered ROBLOX a long time ago, when my friends started to chat about a growing site called 'ROBLOX'. I didn't want to feel left out, so I made my first ROBLOX account. I named myself PeePowZeeZow at that time. I played many games, most of which were about surviving plane crashes, or plane simulators (and are quite different to the likes of today). I never knew anything about the popular games here, which probably was the main reason I quit ROBLOX for a while. I forgot the password for it, so I cannot access it anymore.

After about an year, my friends started to talk about ROBLOX again. The same thought occurred to me another time. After going through many accounts, I finally settled on SimplestLogic.

I found RN when I was getting curious and was searching for a ROBLOX news team. I saw many, but the group that was most appealing to my eye was called Roblox News. I applied for a summer internship then.

I hope I am welcomed as a new staff member on ROBLOX. I look forward to meeting you all!