Sunday, August 17, 2014

A Little Bit About Me, Astrionics, Your New Intern

Hello there Roblox News readers!

     I'm one of your new interns, and I hope to learn alot during this internship and stay with Roblox News thereafter! Just a short bio about myself, I'm from Canada, you know that big hunk of land up north on the opposite side of Russia. I snowboard, paintball, develop games on Roblox, and I am also currently learning how to script. I also aspire to be an aerospace engineer when I finish school, and most obviously, I am a Roblox user, just like you. 

 I discovered Robox when one of my friends showed me it back in '09, and I was instantly hooked, mostly because it looked like a free roam version of lego. I was soon introduced to the clan world, and just like most people who started playing Roblox, joined power clans. Being a dedicated clan member, I quickly moved up the ranks, but eventually the lack of development made me quit, and instead to start developing my own groups/places, as well as joining new clans that have concepts not seen elsewhere on Roblox. I learned about Roblox News one day when I saw it on the Roblox Blog. I love the concept of reviewing games, items and seeing other people's perspectives on the Roblox updates, so eventually I decided that I would apply to Roblox News, and here I am. Another milestone on Roblox achieved.

Once I finish my internship here at Roblox News, I hope to become a full time for game reviewing, because there are a lot of really well designed games and extremely well built places, that most people haven't heard of because it's not on the first page. Roblox News allows these people to be recognised, which in turn gives them encouragement and support so they can continue creating great games to be enjoyed on Roblox. Additionally, I feel that being a game reviewer also allows constructive criticism, which also benefits the developers know what the community wants, and how to improve upon their creations. Also, when I finish my internship, I hope to have created articles that you, the community, have enjoyed, as well as provided me with feedback, so I can also improve upon my skills and continue to push out creative works for the community to enjoy. 

Thanks for reading!