Wednesday, August 20, 2014

About Me, lukebloxx, Your 2014 Summer Intern

Current Character
I'm a new Summer Intern here at ROBLOX News. Here is some things about me. 

I live in the Lone Star state (Texas), I am experienced Writer as I've won many awards, at my school for my writing. I am also a Front End Web Developer, If you don't know what that is, it's a developer who helps design the website in the front end, sliders, fonts. Etc.   In my free time I enjoy biking and BMXing at my Local track. (won many awards). 

I found ROBLOX a very long time ago, I started playing as a guest, and I got really into it and that day I made a account and I started playing, meeting friends, interacting in the chat.  I was really trying to find a game where me and my friends could play together and I thought ROBLOX was perfect for that! I told my friend and we started  playing and we started really enjoying ROBLOX. I quit for like a year and I came back and it was totally different new layout and everything changed. Since then I am playing ROBLOX to this day!

I found ROBLOX News when Andrew Haak (blockhaak) was interviewing Arbirator.

After this internship, I would like to be a Journalist and maybe even help with the Front End of this blog, and I hope to write awesome articles for many readers!