Friday, August 1, 2014

Changes for the Worst - Info

Hello, this is just telling everyone a few things about the CfoW Weekly articles. I just want to set a couple of things straight to start this article.

Firstly, for the FSA article I did point out that it was a personal experience, and I was hurt by being exiled. I also would like to say, although I got my rank quickly, I still put time and effort in to help the group and by a week or so later, I had already earned it properly.

Secondly, I don't mind getting hate, I see it as no big deal. Yet, although hate is no biggie, using cuss words and swear words is not welcome on the Roblox News website, so please refrain from using them.

Alright, the Changes for the Worst Weekly articles are a brand new thing brought in only this Tuesday. I, obviously, cannot just randomly pick a group and criticize it. Instead, I need YOU to send in stories from your own personal experiences and I will choose one on a weekly basis to upload onto here as an article.

Remember, the topic must be either about:-
The Leader going/gone corrupt
HRs AA'ing/Bullying/etc
Groups deteriorating as a whole

Thank you, that is all. Please send in your personal experiences NOW! - Do this via PM'ing Prolixen.

I need to get some Private Messages please!