Sunday, August 31, 2014

Labor Day Weekend Sale: Day 2

With a multitude of items made limited, put on sale, and new versions of old gear, there is something for everyone (provided you have a small amount of robux). I will be listing the items that are featuring in this catalog sale and will be giving them a rating and a recommendation as to whether I would purchase them or not. Of course, as I am writing this in the opinionated style of a reviewer, you may take this in the subjective manner that is intended. You are welcome to make your own decisions on whether a sale item is for you or not. I will just be aiming to look for good value-for-money traits. So let us get into this second overview!

Day 2

Beachball HeadBeachball Head
Price: Originally R$1200. Trending at R$2500-3500
Collectible: Limited
Recommendation: This hat has fallen into the new ROBLOX trend of rare items making hardly any profit when made limited. Whilst it has made some profit over its original price, this is minor figure when looking at the number of copies sold, 167. This is a not a good investment for the short term, however after a while it will likely creep up in price: this may take years though. In terms of looks the Beachball Head is pretty good; it uses the classic eyeball mesh and can be put in a combo with the other eye hats to make a trippy looking eyeball.

Price: Originally ? Trending at R$300
Collectable: Limited
Recommendation: The ROBLOX Blimp is a novelty gear item that spins around your character's head. It is quite cute to watch and is worth the small price tag for this in-game effect. Whilst it clearly isn't a great investment if you are looking for profit, it is a great looking item at an affordable price on the market.

Neon Green Beautiful HairNeon Green Beautiful Hair
Price: R$200. Timed with 1 day and 18 hours left
Collectable: No
Recommendation: This a pretty good price for a hat in the 'beautiful hair' series which includes a pink version that will set you back tens of thousands of hard earned robux. There is also the bonus that you are paying for an item in robux what many users paid real world currency for - it was a gamecard exclusive item. There is no guarantee that this item will go onsale again like it did in the previous sale, and therefore I would recommend you purchase it now for both looks and an investment in case it goes limited.

Stop Hitting YourselfStop Hitting Yourself
Price: R$650. Timed with 1 day 18 hours left
Collectable: No
Recommendation: This is a fan-favourite gear item that is often voted back on sale during these holiday catalog sales. This is for good reason; it has the hilarious ability to force your opponents to hit themselves whilst you sit and cackle at their misfortune. The only drawback I can see with this item is that it is pretty expensive for what does - it's not a deadly weapon for combat use to say the least. However, it makes up for this with humour and a great looking mesh and texture. If you have been meaning to get this item, now is the time to get it and there is no guarantee that it will come back in the next sale.

Dark AvengerDark Avenger
Price: Originally R$2000. Sale price R$500. 75% saving
Collectable: No
Recommendation: This is an absolute bargain price for this package and I recommend that you purchase it right away! Even if you are not a massive fan of the chunky character body, you are still getting a great deal on the cartoony sword and shield and the fantastic dark wings. These wings, in my opinion, are worth the price of this package on sale, alone. 

Star Player HeadphonesStar Player Headphones 
Price: Originally R$500. Sale price R$100. 80% saving
Collectable: No
Recommendation: Whilst I am not a great fan of the mesh as the low-polygon style shows through like wet-paint, and the texture is very two dimensional; it is a steal for a decent pair of headphones. The 80% saving (regularly R$500) makes this item a must-buy for those looking for a cheap pair of headphones to match their casual-style look with hair. It would look good with the sale item below.

Charming Brown-haired FellowCharming Brown Haired Fellow
Price: Originally R$75. Sale price R$25. 66% saving. 
Collectable: No
Recommendation: I have always been a fan of the hair items released between 2011 and 2012 in the ROBLOX catalog. Their blend of modern (but not too shiny) textures and their smooth polygon meshes look great on ROBLOX characters suiting a multitude of packages. At R$25, this item is also a steal and is very affordable even to those with very tight robux budgets. This is a great looking hair item that goes with a number of different hats such as headphones. A must-buy of this Labour Weekend Sale.

RAIG TableRaig Table
Price: Originally R$300. Sale price R$75. 75% saving.
Collectable: No
Recommendation: For 75R$ this gear item is a steal. You will undetake many hilarious antics with this ROBLOXian-flinging-and-toppling-machine. At R$300 this item was worth the money, purely to see your foes launched backwards into the air when the table hit them, but at R$75 it is another must-buy.

Blackvalk Shades

Black Valk Shades
Price: R$3000
Collectable: No
Recommendation: A retexture by IndexFiles (congratulations on the publish), this version of the newly created Valk Shades features a far better colour combination than its predecessor. Having said that, I am not a great fan of the incredibly chunky mesh created by ROBLOX with the shade arms not fitting well onto a ROBLOX head. Purchase them if you are a die-hard valkyrie fan and if you potentially own the Black Valk, but don't purchase them for an investment. I don't see these shades selling well if they go limited in the near future.

Purple ShaggyPurple Shaggy
Price: Originally R$500. Trending at R$1800-2000
Collectable: Limited U
Recommendation: The latest in the shaggy family, the Purple Shaggy is a personal favourite of BrightEyes. This particular shaggy shares more similarities to the Midnight Blue Shaggy, than any other due to its dark overtone and low-saturation in its colour pallete - a contrast to the Lime Green Shaggy. This item looks great with the Perfectly Legitimate Business Hat, but can also fit quite well under a number of other popular hats. If you are looking to make crazy profit out of this item like the Midnight Blue Shaggy, I'm afraid you are going to be disappointed. Whilst it will undoubtedly increase in price over time this will take years - it's not exactly rare at 1,000 sold copies. For those who got it at its original price: you made some half-decent profit. The Purple Shaggy is a perfectly good looking hair item however, and I recommend it if you are into your dark purple looks.

Day 2 summary: A number of excellent deals on certain hats, gear and packages - better than the discounts on day 1. It also featured a number of popular returns including the new addition to the shaggy family. There was something for everyone in day 2 of the Labour Day Weekend Sale. 

-All figures used were correct as of writing, however if you see any mistakes, don't hesitate to let us know in the comments below-

Thanks for reading!

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