Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Multi Minigames Place Review

First of all, sorry about the delay on posts this week, I have been quite busy making ROBLOX games and Java games. But I'm back! And I am now a full time staff member at Roblox News.

The game I'm reviewing today isn't really possible to get an image of. But I have played it, and I love it. The game I am reviewing today is called "Multi Minigames". Multi Minigames is great, as the title states, there are multi minigames. There may only be 24 minigames, but those minigames are great. All of them are well scripted, and well created. The creator must have thought a lot about this. And was planning it for a very long time.

The game has a great lobby, it's very interactive with other users in the place, the lobby consists of things like buttons and avalanches to keep the users happy during their small intermission. So you can never get bored! When you enter a minigame, each has a good script, most are really fun, but some can be super super fun! From avalanches of snow to fighting each other with lasers this game consists of great fun for you and your friends.

The scripting here is great, it has a very nice code in the minigames, I have no doubt about it. You may not know it. But the game would be very, very confusing code to most ROBLOX Users. Some users would understand it very well, like the creator of course..

Now, when we talk about design, this game is full of it. The trailer before you enter the game from YouTube is great, it has a great visual view on the game from the creator's view. It also has some great text that makes the trailer stand out making you want to come in the game so much. You enter!

Scripting: 10/10
Couldn't have been better my friend, couldn't have been better.

Tools: 10/10
Half of them are made by the gods- ROBLOX!

Development: 10/10
I have had no arguments with the development, we're like two peas in a pod!

Problems: 10/10
No problems at all!!!!

Difficulty: Hard to say
Some are easy, some are had. Some are fighting those epical users at ROBLOX who can fight like ninjas!

Front Cover: 8/10
Almost perfection, great view of the game, great video!

Fun Filling: AMAZING!
I have so much fun at this game!!

Thought: 10/10
Great, great thought!

Overall: 9.9999
Great, I love it so much!


  • More minigames when you have the time so I can game to the end of the night. 
This game was reviewed on July the 4th 2012, the time of this review was 19:45.

At the time of the review Multi Minigames had 220,912 place visits and had been favorited 6,066 times.
This game was created by Sam3260.

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