Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Place Review: LEGO Hero Factory: Breakout

LEGO Hero Factory: Breakout_Image
     Hey guys, this is regilord finally finding time to post on this wonderful labor day weekend. Today I am reviewing the Lego sponsorship place: LEGO Hero Factory: Breakout. Just like the Kre-o sponsership, instead of creating contest places, the Roblox team created a place where there is a competition for specific prizes. The Hero Factory competition prizes are the Arachnix Drone and the Furno's Aquajet Pack and Plasma Gun. Of course like always, you earn these by getting a certain amount of points on each team. You earn these points by collecting one or more of the six items scattered around the playing field; you may also earn points, and the possibility of a badge (Saboteur), by destroying one or more of the enemies six collection items. Of course besides earning these points you must win the the match to earn the badges and the gears.                              
Building: 10/10
     Shedletsky asked for futuristic buildings from users and they provided! I really like the building because it is a collective build from the community that was hand picked by John Shedletsky. About a month ago Shedletsky posted on Iron Noob forums asking for futuristic buildings that looked professional, yet he provided no reason. Eventually it was released that it would be used in a city for a Roblox contest, yet still no one knew what the contest was. Users were quite shocked to hear that LEGO was being sponsored by ROBLOX. This just goes to show that Roblox has come a long way from not letting users even speak the word Lego.

Scripting: 10/10
     There is a lot of scripting in this place that goes very unnoticed. Of course there is the obvious in your face scripts such as the weapons, GUI's, and item health bars, but there is also all of the new animation scripts contained in these strange looking characters. Such animations include running, an animation when you hit the ground and bend your knees, and of course a jumping animation. All of these really impressed me. Hopefully these new animations are released to the rest of the Roblox world and are applicable with all of the bodies 1.0-3.0.

Gameplay: 8/10
     It is an extremely fun game but it is also very aggravating. The one and only weapon of each team is a ray gun that when it hits you it does not do any damage, rather it knocks you back at least halfway across the map until you hit a solid object. This can be really annoying when you just approaching the last item your team needs and it has only a little life left and an enemy knocks you back and destroys it. These guns also make it difficult to do my favorite thing, sabotaging. The knock back also affects the items when you try to destroy them, sending them sometimes straight at an apposing team member. But on the flip side you can also shoot their items far away from them. The game is really fun for me because it takes a good strategy.

Prizes and Badges: 10/10
     The prizes aren't very hard at all to get if you've played a few rounds and you know what your doing, but they are very nice prizes that are being awarded and they are quite simple to achieve. I must say I myself have really come to favor the Arachnix Drone as it is very powerful and fun to watch being used. But I really like the badges because some of them are quite difficult to achieve and that's what keeps players coming back and trying to get better to be able to get them. I myself do not have all of them and I've spent a very long time there collectively. Roblox did a good job making easy and hard badges that are both fun and difficult to earn.
Arachnix DroneFurno's Aquajet Pack and Plasma Gun

Popularity in the Community: 8/10
     I wasn't the only one there for over two hours! It's a highly addicting game but many users only come for the prizes and or badges. Some of these users such as I was thought only of the prizes and came in for just that and realized it was an amazing game. Others only wanted the prizes and seconds after achieving them immediately left the place, never to return. Some were just newbies and tried it out as their first ever Roblox game. And others came and went as they saw it too hard. Another group of people that were like me were determined to earn all the badges, and some did, but many of them cursed to the sky and shouted "I'll be back and I'll get them all!!".

Popularity to Me: 10/10
     It was wonderful! I really loved this place and I really hope it  is not taken down. It is by far the best Roblox built contest place I have ever seen, maybe second to last years paintball map. It was simple and complex, but best of all it was made mostly by Robloxians. I absolutely love the fact that Shedletsky came to the community and asked for them to build to help contribute to this place. It completely amazes me how quickly the community jumped up to help and give to the rest of the community. If I had the chance and the time, I would gladly return many, many times.

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