Sunday, September 2, 2012

Hat Review: All Hallow's Harbinger

Halloween is a great time for the ROBLOX catalog. It is a time when ROBLOX releases tons of cool hats. Some of the hats are rare items, some are gift items, and some are retextures. This year ROBLOX has already gotten an early start on Halloween items, as they have just released a new pumpkin-themed hat called the All Hallow's Harbinger. The new hat has already caused much speculation, and many think it is forecasting something Halloween-related in the future.

All Hallow's Harbinger

Mesh: 8/10

This mesh resembles a top and bottom of a jack o' lantern. The top part goes over your head and the bottom part goes on your chin, so it looks like your head is in the middle of the pumpkin. It would be much cooler if the admins made the middle of the pumpkin and set it so that the pumpkin covers your head like the Classic ROBLOX Pumpkin Head and Sinister P do, but it still is an alright mesh.

Texture: 10/10

What is great about this texture is that it has the cartoon feeling many people love about certain hats this year. The eyes look incredibly realistic and creepy, and they match the tone of Halloween. The colors are very vibrant and unique, it's as if they make the hat come to life.

Style: 9/10

As said before, the All Hallow's Harbringer goes on your head and your chin. It fits very well and looks great on the average Robloxian head. The only problem is that the chin part does not fit or look as well as the head part does. 

Value: 5/10

Okay, now here is the speculation. This hat was released very early for Halloween and is very mysterious. The price is an outrageous 1,031 robux, which makes people start to wonder. Some believe that the All Hallow's Harbinger is the next Bluesteel Bathelm, and it will go limited at the end of October. Others say the only reason it is 1,031 robux is because 10/31 is the day of Halloween. Either way, 1,031 robux is a big price to spend for a strange hat. Many suspect though that everyone who buys this hat by October 31st will get another better hat for free, that will most likely go limited. In the description of this hat it says, "The date quickly approaches... are you ready?", which has caused most of the speculation. People have determined the description means either something big is coming for October, or items will finally go limited soon. (Though, it's most likely that the description is referring to Halloween.) According to, a harbinger is anything that foreshadows a future event; omen; sign. This hat is definitely foreshadowing something. While many think this hat is some sort of gift hat, others believe it is just a regular hat. So, this hat is literally a trick or a treat. It could be a trick and fool many people into buying it, tricking people into thinking it is not your regular hat. Or it could be a treat and give something special to those who buy it in the future. 

(TL;DR) Basically, if it is a trick, it is not worth 1,031 robux, but if it is a treat it is worth 1,031 robux.

Overall: 7/10

It's a very unique hat but has already started Halloween rumors that may be true or false. It is unknown whether this hat is going to be like a gift hat, so don't buy it unless you really want it for the look. I strongly suggest that you should start saving up your robux instead of spending it, because Halloween usually has some mega win limiteds (like this), and the admins might re-do the Halloween gifts like they did last year. Also, after Halloween is Black Friday, and on Black Friday there are tons of win limiteds, awesome retextures, and usually one extreme win limited (such as this from last year's Black Friday).

-NonstopEpic, Catalog Manager