Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Gear Friday Review: ITS BACK!

Yeah, Gear Fridays are back! We got two gears on Friday last week, but I'm pretty sure that Gear Fridays have returned, seeing as how we got the usual 3 nonlimited, 1 limited gear thing this week. This is a really lucky thing, because I started to think that they would be lost forever like Tix Tuesdays. So yeah, I'm very excited with all the gears, because luckily, they're all amazing. The gears this week were randomly themed, but ah well. Two swords, a mace, and an axe. Luckily, we did get a limited, which was one of the swords, but I'll get into that later.

Sword Punch
Sword Punch is not your average sword! It's a tiny little blade with spikes at the hilt, which looks pretty awesome. It was this week's Limited, this time coming out first, which is unusual. It was priced at 250 Robux with a stock of 2,000, and luckily, it won, and is currently selling for about 600 Robux, which will get you about 240 robux profit, which is pretty great.

Now, you may not want to sell it, because it's awesome. It's the perfect sword for something like Sword Fighting on the Heights. Why? It works like a punch, but it's a sword. You don't punch, you hit them with the sword, and it's like you punch them, because they get pushed back, along with getting some damage dealt. Oh, forgot to mention, if you kill somebody with it, they turn into a ghost and get sucked into a hole which spawns under their feet. Random, but awesome, and a nice touch to a nice gear.


Flaming Mace

Flaming Mace came out second, priced at 750 Robux, which is actually pretty cheap for what it does. It's very OP, and I'm surprised it's not the limited, then again, any of these gears could arguably be the limited (except for the axe, but it's still good, just not the best (cough cough the Darkest Art Sword) (or this)).

As for the ability goes, well, luckily it's just your casual mace that is on fire. Double clicking sends out a fire ball which sets your enemy on fire and basically gets them killed. Doing the normal melee attack will set whatever body part you hit on fire, also basically killing them. It's very OP... I like it. I also like you.

And here we go, the OP sword that isn't Overpriced, it's Overpowered (along with the mace). It's priced at 1,000 Robux, and, for SOME STRANGE REASON, It's not limited. Oh well, it's still amazing (but I'm not buying it because It's not limited, that's just principal).

Darkest Arts Sword
The ability is what i'll spend a lot of time on, because I don't want to get all hyped up about it not being limited because it's amazing. One swing does nothing besides swinging the sword and giving your enemy an owie. But double clicking sends out a very long line of purple fire, very artsy. It kills enemies on touch, which is fun. Oh, I'm not done yet. Luckily, this sword is in the group of "Special Gears," because it has a special ability type thing. If you hit Q, you raise your arms. You lower your arms... will you take flight? Will you spin and twirl and dance like an artsy maniac with a giant purple sword that's on fire? Nope. You will release the energy of the inner purple fire, meaning, a giant purple wall of purple fire will be released all around you which kills enemies on contact. Fun. Very fun.

(Should have been limited)

Orinthian Axe

And now it's time for the boring gear. The axe. The Orinthian Axe, much like the Orinthian Mace. It was priced at 425 Robux, which I guess is fitting with the ability. It's not the best looking axe, but It gets the job done, I guess. Oh, and it has blue stuff on it and looks cool. That's a plus.

Ability time. (This was my idea, actually (well it was the maker of Orintian Mace's idea but I altered it and luckily the scripter of the gear decided to use my idea)). So when you swing, nothing happens. You just swing, whatever. But.. you can throw the axe. Hit Q with it and the axe will be thrown like a boomerang, and come back to you. But wait, there's more! Much like the mace, it leaves a blue line of magical fairy dust behind that brutally murders anybody who touches it. I guess getting hit with the axe does more damage, but this way is much more fun.


Overall: 9/10

P.S. You're lucky if you noticed what I've been hinting throughout this post. Heh. 
(There's a new gear scripter, look into the scripts of the gears to see who it is.)

Until next week.. Mardi Gras!
Erm, I mean, thanks for reading!