Monday, February 10, 2014

Like Flappy Birds? Check out Flappy Blox!

Hey guys, the game Flappy Blox isn't very popular yet, but I hope it gets there!

Flappy Blox is a game based on the new addicting app, Flappy Bird. Although Flappy Blox isn't exactly like Flappy Birds, it comes close. It was created by Worsen, who also made the game Territory Conquest which has over 2 million visits.

The Thumbnail for Flappy Blox

Flappy Blox has almost 7000 place visits, but even in it's early stages it is extremely professional looking. It has plenty of Guis which make it look hi-tech but when you get right down to it, it's just a bird going through pipes.

I have found that it is easier than the app Flappy Bird, but not by much. My high score is 22, and I have played over a hundred times, but then again I am not too great at Flappy Bird either. When you first get on to the game, you have 3 Options:
Spectate - Watch other people play Flappy Blox
Play - Play Flappy Blox
Customize - Choose whether to be a Chicken, Bunny, Snowman, Penguin or Dino

Both Spectate and Customize are extras that aren't included in Flappy Bird itself, so it is good to see that the owner decided to take the game a step or 2 further.
Spectate is a good way to maybe pick up how fast other people click, and when they click.
Customize is going to include new colours soon, but right now it has those 5 choices. The Chicken is the starter and the Bunny, Snowman, Penguin and Dino are all Gamepasses that you can buy (They only cost 25Rs each).

The chicken or Dino or whatever you choose will be your character, unlike some other Flappy Bird games on Roblox, it isn't animated but instead looks just like the packages, except at a side angle and without legs.
Just a little view of the game, the helper is 1funnygame2
There isn't much else that I can add except maybe, PLAY NOW!

To view the Creator's Profile, Click Here
To view the game, Click Here

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