Friday, February 28, 2014

Announcing the new additions to the Roblox News team!

Back in January, we announced we were looking to refresh the Roblox News team with some fresh talent! The day has come for us to finally announce the lucky four individuals joining our team. Whilst I know this announcement is long overdue, please bear in mind that I (arbirator) have been extremely busy lately, and have had little time for ROBLOX, or indeed Roblox News. Apologies! 

IceFang307IceFang307 - Catalog Analyst
IceFang307 wrote an excellent application to Roblox News, placing key emphasis on his experience within the ROBLOX economy and his know-how in terms of investing in valuable collectable items. IceFang, having expertise with the ROBLOX Catalog, will make for an excellent addition to our ever growing number of talented writers. He will be producing articles related to the ROBLOX catalog, helping to expand into columns that explore the investment opportunities of several popular mid-range limiteds. 

legoseedlegoseed - Game Journalist 
This applicant indeed produced a fine written response to the assessment criteria I put up on the blog. Legoseed gave me in-depth detail about his ROBLOX endeavours and hobbies on the website. However, what made his application really stand out from all of the others; was his ability to curtail his opinions and thoughts on a particular ROBLOX game into a review of novel-like structure. The writing flowed seamlessly like an open book, and reminded me of the fantasy fiction of my youth. Such was the effect of his writing I feel he thoroughly deserved a place on our prestigious team. Legoseed will be producing high quality articles to do with all things ROBLOX gaming - and will be writing them in this same poetic-like format. 

Chris produced an excellent Roblox News job applications with a detailed summary of his ROBLOX career and why he was interested in writing for our blog. His responses were thoughtful and well written and use a variety of language to convey his personality. His sample game review was well-written and described the place in question with immaculate detail. His views on the games' contents, design and presentation were made clear to me through his stylised structure and correct use of clear language. CYNICALCHRIS will be producing in-depth analytical and evaluative articles into ROBLOX games and will be putting ideas forward as to how content could be improved. 

jackergin- Game Journalist 
Jackergin provided a well thought-out application that provided plenty of detail as to why he is interested in his chosen field of ROBLOX journalism and indeed why he would be suitable for the Roblox News team. His review used clear, simple language that would appeal directly to the user - enabling him to convey his points easily and assume a level of understanding from his readers. Jackergin will be primarily creating game reviews for readers to enjoy, tackling popular games on ROBLOX. 

Good luck to all four new staff members! May your time at Roblox News be successful and above else, enjoyable! 

Editor of Roblox News