Sunday, February 16, 2014

President's Day Sale: Day 1

Ello, pbjms here to review the first day of this amazing sale! The first day of the President's Day Sale was filled with, er, well, nothing very good. At all. It was Valentines day, so of course we got some Valentines stuff, then later in the day the sale started with some discounts, but no limiteds.

Valentines Day
Valentine's Day Cap 2014Heart Break CakeLovestruck RobotRose LauncherLove to Party Shades
Valentines day was filled with non-limiteds, seeing as how all of the other valentines items came out days before. Not much came out, but we did get the Valentine's Day Cap 2014, which is a nice addition to the collection of many other caps. We also got a Heart Break Cake, which is an amazing gear. You can throw the cake at your foe and they become madly in love with you, pressing it by vomiting all over the place then throwing their arms up and doing some weird dance, lol. To continue with the Valentines hats, we got the Lovestruck Robot, which is pretty ugly. The second gear that came out was a nice little Rose Launcher, which shoots roses like that Candy Cane Launcher thing, but the roses apparently have invisible thorns that do extra damage. The last item was the Love to Party Shades, created by everybody's favorite ROBLOX News creator, Arbirator. The shades are amazing, though they were a bit overpriced at 1,000 Robux. Oh well.

Commander Crow's WingsAmerica's SweetheartDarkAge Ninja SwordpackExponential Rocket LauncherGuardia in ExileSnake Sniper
When you think of a sale, you think of discounts. Well we got discounts, and I'm very disappointed with the community as to what exactly got discounted. Commander Crow's Wings was the first item to be discounted, from 750 Robux to 325. Eh, not bad, but I don't like the hat so no thanks. Next discounted was America's Sweetheart... wow. Just wow. 50 Robux to 10 Robux, SUCH A DEAL. Whoever voted for this to be discounted is just... ew. Next up we got the DarkAge Ninja Swordpack, okay. Popular item, went from 200 Robux to 100 Robux, this I approve, kind of. Snake Sniper and Exponential Rocket Launcher are two useless gears that I'm not even going to bring up because they come back basically every sale.. Last to be put on sale at a discount was Guardia in Exile, inferring that the whole community doesn't already have this. Oh well, it was 50 Tix, so at least something this sale was in tix.

Golden Headphones
I lied. There was one. Golden headphones were originally 9,500 Robux, and apparently aren't forgotten since they were voted for limited, even though, like 90% of items that go limited nowadays, it instantly failed. It's now selling for 8,000 Robux, which I find kind of hilarious.

Sparkle Time Cheese Hat
The Sparkle Time Cheese is a big no. A huge, giant no. It's not even funny how no this is. It was 2,500 Robux and timed for 12 hours. It's ugly, the mesh is gross, low polygon count, it's just no. It's ugly and overpriced. The ONE THING that I love about this is the description, so props to Brighteyes for this masterpiece: "What happens when Sparkle Time and Cheese Time are the same time? This."

Day one wasn't great, no amazing things back on sale or discounted, no good items except for Arb's beautiful shades, and nothing good in the limited department. Within the coming days I expect to see some good limiteds, and that nice ol' Lord of the Federation retexture coming out soon.