Sunday, February 9, 2014

ROBLOX Catalog Weekly Recap: 2/9/2014

This week in the ROBLOX Catalog, a couple of new themed and timed items were released a week before the President's Day Sale. Among these items are Groundhog Day hats, Chinese New Year items, a Bluesteel Birthday Cake, a new Chicken of the Month, and some new Winter Games hats. (Note: These weekly recaps will not happen every week, these will only cover weeks where interesting items come out that are not sale-related.)

I <3 Groundhog Day Groundhog FriendGroundhog Head

For Groundhog Day, three hats were released: I <3 Groundhog Day, Groundhog Friend, and Groundhog Head. The latter two of the three hats got only around 400 sales before all three hats went offsale, probably because they're ugly hats (apologies owed to groundhogs reading this). 

New Year Horse MaskHappy New Year Horse

Soon after Groundhog Day, ROBLOX released two Chinese Year of the Horse inspired items: the New Year Horse Mask, and the Happy New Year Horse. Both items are retextures of existing items; the New Year Horse Mask is a retexture of I'll Have Another (a horse mask released last year that was part of  Kentucky Derby-themed hats) and the Happy New Year Horse is a retexture of Magical Rainbow Pony (a gear that came out of ReeseMcBlox's Mystery Pony Pinata). The Horse Mask got around 3000 sales before going offsale, and the New Year Horse got around 2000 sales.

Bluesteel Birthday Cake

A day after the Chinese New Year items came out, the Bluesteel Birthday Cake was released. This retexture of the classic Cake Hat was most likely released for Shedletsky's birthday, and it costed 310 robux. There was some suspicion that the hat would go limited after going off-sale since it is bluesteel-themed but that has turned out to not be the case. In my opinion, the original Cake Hat looks better than this retexture. It is unknown as to if this hat will replace the Cake Hat going on-sale for admin birthdays, or if this was just a one-time thing.

CotM: February Love Bird

The second Chicken of the Month, the February Love Bird, was released a week before Valentine's Day. This retexture by Scribbos costed 200 robux, a 100 robux price jump from the January Chicken. If this trend continues, you can expect to pay a total of 7800 robux if you want to get all the chickens. Next month's chicken is likely to be St. Patrick's themed and 300 robux.

Winter Games 2014 HeadphonesWinter Sports StyleWinter Games 2014 Snowman Domino King

The final themed hats released this week were more Winter Games apparel that you can buy in the catalog (not earnable). These hats are the Winter Games 2014 Headphones, the Winter Sports Style, and the Winter Games 2014 Snowman Domino King (that name is quite the mouthful). These hats were all released on 2/8/2014, three days before the Winter Games are supposed to end (2/11/2014). The most interesting of these three hats is the Snowman Domino King, a hat which was leaked a week or two ago and from popular belief was going to be awarded to the top 100 Winter Games players. However, that seemed to not be the case. This domino crown spin-off was 25000 robux and was timed for a couple hours. Many investors think that the hat is a failure, and could potentially be the second Lord of the Magma. There has also been rumors going around that the hat will go limited soon after the Winter Games are over. Both of these theories may have been the reason the hat to get only 95 sales before going off-sale. While it could potentially not fail due to it's rarity, the hat does not have much demand at the moment. My personal opinion is that it was meant to be a robux-remover a week before the President's Day Sale, and might go limited next year (when it has more demand).

As you can tell it has been quite the interesting week for the ROBLOX catalog. Next week is the President's Day Sale, and here's some things that we can expect to happen (these are all just guesses based on previous sales).
  • From the President's Day Poll we already know the following:
    • Many hats are likely to go discounted again like usual.
    • Some hats will go limited; some potential candidates are:
      • Black Iron Bucket of Ultimate Pwnage
      • Doomsekkar
      • Dominus Aureus
      • Blizzaria
      • Bluesteel Sombrero
      • Bluesteel Antlers
      • Brilliant Bombastique
      • Some hat that is popular among users that doesn't deserve to go limited (see Naval Brigade, Sk9r Boi, Valkyrie Helm, etc. It's inevitable.)
    • A hat or two is going to go back on sale for a limited time.
      • Likely to be an old offsale hat, some potential candidates are Teakettle, Bighead, or a return of Biggerhead.
      • It's possible though that a recent offsale hat might go onsale again; such as Sk8r Boi.
    • Some gears will be discounted.
      • Likely that Fallen Artemis Bow will be discounted for the third time in a row.
    • A gear item or two will be going limited.
      • Spec Beta Biograft Energy Sword has a good chance of going limited.
      • Some random gears could be going limited as well.
    • Some offsale gears will be going back on sale.
      • Probably going to be forgotten gears that haven't been on sale in a long time.
    • Some packages will be discounted
      • Candidates for this are all packages that cost above 1000 robux
      • The most likely candidate is the ridiculously expensive Korblox Deathspeaker which currently costs 17000 robux.
  • The only thing that the poll does not confirm is user retextures.
    • Likely that we might be seeing a user retexture or two published.
    • Like the previous sale, it'll be chosen based on admin approval, NOT adbombing.
    • Could Gusmanak's Top Hat see a return?
      • The texture of it was leaked for last year's sale but it wasn't published.
  • There will probably be admin-made retextures as well.
    • Retextures might be based on popular hats.
    • Continuation of current (popular) hat series
      • Such as a new Xanwood or Bluesteel hat
  • The "big item" will be some sort of retexture (either admin-made or user-made)
    • It will probably cost 50000 robux like previous big items.
    • Does have a chance of failing; we haven't had a profitable big limited in months.
  • Some new gears/faces might come out.

- NonstopEpic, Catalog Manager