Wednesday, February 19, 2014

President's Day Sale: Days 3, 4 and 5

Aye, I'm back to sum up the end of this awful sale. Days 3 and 4 were full of nothing good, except for 2 things, and Day 5 was full of nothing until later at night, so people in some different time zones missed out on it, but there was nothing good, except for a nice retexture by TREVOR818730.

New Stuff
Sophisticated OstrichMilitary PilotQuill of the PresidentPresidential Vampire Slaying AxAbe Lincoln FriendCamouflage Top HatBlue Collar CatRebel Wanderer
There were 5 new items, well, 6, but I'm not going to get into the sixth until a bit later. They included two non-limited hats that are ugly and aren't needed in the sale, Sophisticated OstrichCamouflage Top Hat, and Military Pilot, I'm not going to get into a depth review of those, but they're ugly. Next up on my list of new items are two gears, they aren't as interesting as the two Valentines Gears, but they're still alright, they are called 'Quill of the President' and 'Presidential Vampire Slaying Ax'. Next we have the second fitting hat of this sale after the cool founding father limited, 'Abe Lincoln Friend', which sits nicely on your shoulder (but wasn't limited for some reason). We also got a terrifying package which will haunt me in my dreams for a few days, 'Blue Collar Cat'. One of TREVOR818730's retextures was published too, Rebel Wanderer, which looks amazing and was 1,000 Robux, and then went off-sale.

Items that Went Limited
Well Accessorized Time PunkSword of SwordsTri-Laser 333CotM: January Camo Chicken
Four useless items went limited in the last few days of the sale, two hats, 'Well Accessorized Time Punk' and 'CotM: January Camo Chicken' and two gears, 'Sword of Swords' and 'Tri-Laser 333'. They all made a bit of profit, but nothing exciting. I could imagine tons of other items to go limited that are a lot better and much more popular than these, but, moving on..

Items that were Discounted
Dark AvengerRobloxian 2.0PhoenixKorblox KeeperTempest BladesHidden StarBeautiful Hair for Beautiful PeopleAstral Cloak of TransportationPompous, the CloudSuperhero
Woohoo! More pointless stuff.. 'Superhero', 'Pompous, the Cloud', 'Astral Cloak of Transportation', 'Beautiful Hair for Beautiful People', 'Hidden Star', 'Tempest Blades', 'Korblox Keeper', 'Phoenix', 'Robloxian 2.0', and 'Dark Avenger' all got discounted. I'm ashamed that Robloxian 2.0 and Superhero are on this list. The rest I can deal with (I guess), Dark Avenger is a nice package for discount. Not much else to say, oh well.

Returning to the Catalog
The Dark ReaperLeopard FedoraEvil Duckstickmasterluke's Stick of Power
Four good items went back to the catalog, 'Leopard Fedora' for 150 Robux, 'The Dark Reaper' for 275 Robux, 'Evil Duck' for 1,000 Robux, which is a bit much for a duck that was like 1 tix before, and 'stickmasterluke's Stick of Power' for 777 Robux. All were good items in the past.

Earl of the Federation
Earl of the Federation
The next item, the only limited in the last few days, and the only good item released in this whole entire sale, is the 'Earl of the Federation'. It's a new addition to the Federation series with Lord and Duke of the Federation. It was 50,000 Robux, had a stock of 50, and won like you'd expect. For a more in depth review on this, read TheInnovative's article here.

This sale is the worst, ever. We only got 2 limiteds, one of which was cheap, the other was really expensive, a few good discounts and items got put back on sale. But that's it, everything else that happened is awful, just awful. Terrible sale. 1/10 stars, and even that's being generous. So far with the sale and the Winter Games, 2014 isn't looking like a great year for ROBLOX.