Sunday, February 16, 2014

President's Day Sale: Day 2

On day 2 of the President's Day Weekend Sale, some items were discounted, two of the previewed items went limited, a couple new hats came out, and three items that were part of previous sales went back on sale. Overall though there was nothing special.

Bionic BeatbotCoolest Founding Father

The first thing to happen was that two new items came out: Bionic Beatbot and Coolest Founding Father. The Bionic Beatbot is nonlimited and is 125 robux, a cheap price for a hat. The Coolest Founding Father however, is the first limited of the sale and originally costed 100 robux. This hat has 1776 in stock and is currently worth around 300 robux.

Alpine FedoraThunder God Headdress

Next up two hats were discounted: Alpine Fedora and Thunder God Headdress. The Alpine Fedora is currently 250 robux, a 33% discount from its original price of 375 robux. The Thunder God Headdress is now 3000 robux, a 40% discount from its insanely expensive original price of 5000 robux.

Cyberforce DetectiveSorcus' Chair

After those discounts, two of the previewed items went limited: Cyberforce Detective and Sorcus' Chair. Cyberforce Detective was sort of a surprise, but it has raised from its original price of 100 robux to 400 robux. Sorcus' Chair (as predicted by many to go limited) is currently worth 2000 robux, a huge profit from its original price of 707 robux. However be aware that this does not mean that these two items are the only previewed items that will go limited; Shaggy still has a chance to go limited.

Wizards of the Astral Isles: PegasusBluesteel AntlersNoobTube

After that, three previous sale items went back on sale: Wizards of the Astral Isles Pegasus, Bluesteel Antlers, and NoobTube. The Pegasus was a gear released during last year's President's Day Sale, and it was later put back on sale during the Labor Day Sale, making this the third time it has been on sale for 2000 robux. Bluesteel Antlers, the overpriced 20000 robux antler retexture, was only released a few months ago for Black Friday yet for whatever reason it is back on sale. NoobTube went on sale for last year's President's Day Sale as well, and is once again now back on sale for 250 robux. I'd hope that at some point during this weekend, an offsale item that has not been involved with a previous sale would go back on sale (such as Teakettle, the Dark Reaper, etc.). 

Coatp0cketninja's Tiger Mask

The last thing to happen on day 2 was another new hat was released; Coatp0cketninja's Tiger Mask. This hat currently costs 150 robux.

So far it looks like this sale has been somewhat lacking compared to last year's Presidents Day Sale. However, not all of the sale previews have happened yet and we still have yet for the bigger items, such as the new federation, to come out.

- NonstopEpic, Catalog Manager