Sunday, February 16, 2014

War-Group Reviews: United Assault Regiment

Hello there again, Zakkeh here. Got a rather different type of review from me today, I'm reviewing a war-group, known as 'UAR'. This group contains over 400 members, and is very active. But, to know what a war-group is like inside, you have to join, don't you? So I did. And I liked it, however there are ups and downs. Allow me to elaborate in an in-depth review.

When I first joined UAR, I found it to be very reasonable, promotions aren't handed out like flyers on the street, and take some time to earn, (unless you are really, really ninja like my nan). The higher-ranks are rather friendly with you, but, sometimes if the supposed high-rank is annoyed with you, it can be very hard to get them to be your acquaintance again rather than your enemy.

Like most war-groups, this group has regular trainings and practice-raids. The trainings on UAR are fun, but they can be hard to attend, as there are never notices an hour or so before telling you that there will be a training soon. Which makes it hard to attend every training that is hosted.

The training place, known as the '[UAR] Holo Training Center', is a nice concept, I like how the group has it's own colour-scheme that is also implemented into their main-places, and uniform. This allows other war-groups to identify what enemy or ally it is depending on their popularity.

Although I enjoyed the fun and joy that I got out of killing fellow enlists, there were numerous arguments, based around other players, one of which I joined in, because some of the high-ranks issue punishments to people who have done nothing, and that shouldn't be the case, in my opinion I believe that the higher-ranks should examine all the facts, and then decide who is innocent or guilty.

Elaborating on what I said before, I would find it pretty cool for UAR to have their own 'courts of justice' to give people fair trials before they are punished, that way more members would not leave and get annoyed with the group and all it's enlists. Which would give the group better publicity and strength.

In conclusion, I like this group, despite all the arguments it beholds, in general it is a nice group, with reasonable staff members. I would recommend you to try this group out, however some people may not agree with the group and won't join. So I'd say, try it out for a week; if you don't like it, leave.


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Community Manager

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