Thursday, February 13, 2014

President's Day Sale Update: 2/13/2014

Today a notification went out across the ROBLOX site previewing some of the President's Day Sale items. This preview mentions various candidates for some of the popular sale categories, and like usual sale previews, not everything listed in the preview will actually be part of the sale. Here are my predictions regarding this preview.

At least two of these items will be discounted at some point during the holiday weekend: 

Commander Crow’s Wings
Hidden Star 
Father Time 
Justice of the Thief 
Mad Cow 

I'm pretty sure all five of these hats have been discounted in sales in the past, so there really isn't any obvious "winner" among the five. The Mad Cow does stand the best chance at getting discounted; it is the most expensive out of the five hats, costing currently 3,333 robux.

At least two of the following items will become limited at some point during the holiday weekend: 

January Camo Chicken 
Sorcus Chair 
Gravity Coil 
Cyberforce Detective 
Icy Arctic Fowl 

I'd say that it is pretty obvious here as to which two items have the best chance of going limited; those being the Shaggy and Sorcus Chair. The original Shaggy is a 50 tix hat that gained notoriety for being a "popular ODer hat" as referred to be the community, and is also referenced with trolling. Thus, it would make sense if many trolling users put "shaggy" in the sale poll for the limited hat. The Sorcus Chair also stands a good chance at going limited; it is the only off-sale item out out of the six items listed. Sorcus Chair was released in 2012 for 707 robux as a Halloween gift. It is one of my favorite gears because when riding it, it moves super fast and trips over users. The January Camo Chicken going limited does not make sense, as that was released only a month ago. Neither does the Gravity Coil, Cyberforce Detective, or Icy Arctic Fowl make any more sense. Then again, we have seen strange oddities in sales, such as Naval Brigade going limited and W's Top Hat going limited a few weeks after it went back on sale.

At least one of these items will go back on sale at some point during the holiday weekend: 

Leopard Fedora 
Dark Reaper 
Alien Airbreather 

The best bets on this one would be the Dark Reaper, as both Leopard Fedora and Alien Airbreather have temporarily gone on sale before in the past for sales. However, it should be noted that there is still a good chance that Leopard Fedora or Alien Airbreather gained many sale votes from users who didn't obtain those items in the sales they were associated with.

It is worth noting that at the end of the notification, it mentions that a new federation hat will be coming out, probably as the big limited. Most users are guessing that it'll be around 50k robux with 50 in stock, and probably win. The color of this federation hat is most likely either green, purple, or pink. It should also be noted that in the beginning of the notification it says "We’re not quite ready to let the cat (or fowl, or cow) out of the bag yet" which could be a hint referring to Mad Cow, Icy Arctic Fowl, and Leopard Fedora. Either way these results are probably not the best thing that users were hoping for, but be aware that this preview notification does not detail the entire sale and that there will probably be better deals not mentioned in the notification.

- NonstopEpic, Catalog Manager