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ROBLOX Winter Games: The Guide

Hello again! Pbjms here, and as many of you probably know, I wrote a semi-full guide for ROBLOX's past event, The Witching Hour. Well, I'm back, and this time we've got Winter Games, with universes (and tons of prizes) (but even more disappointment). In celebration of this huge event consisting of different places, not only will I be writing this, but some of the ROBLOX news staff will be joining me! In this guide We'll be going over the two main aspects of the event, the Games and Badges (all are linked with Prizes).

Note: This is an extremely long article, just "ctrl-F" to search for whatever aspect you want to find.

This image, and the other images are by ROBLOX.


This event is much different than the others. The community was asked to create different games, and so they did. Each place is built entirely by a community member, lead creators include Merely, Simoon68, Asleum, asimo3089, badcc, radiogamer, and alexrocks911, and their teams, if they had any. In this section, we'll go over a guide for the games and then give it a short review.

The ROBLOX Winter Games (Lodge)

The main lodge
Ah, the lodge. Cozy. It's a great build, asimo3089 at his finest. Besides the lifts. Nothing gets worse than the lifts, but I'll get to that later. You start off on a frozen river, that if you plunge into, you die. You follow the path, and come to a crossroads. Go left, and you go to a fire pit with a global leader board. Go right, and you can go to the lodge. The lodge is very cozy, with posters of the games on the walls, along with some bedrooms upstairs. Outside is a ski-lift, where, for the first few days of the event, the main Winter Game took place: Ski Lift Failing. Basically, you would get on a lift and hope that nobody flips it over and gets you stuck before you take off and head to whatever game you chose. That's all fixed now, but it was pretty fun before. Just kidding. It was the worst experience I've ever faced in the history of my life. Nah, not that bad, but yeah. It wasn't fun.

Moving on to something more interesting.. In the house, there is a secret room. Where? Well, I'll tell you. Just kidding, that ruins the fun. But it DOES involve a usually transportation system from Scooby Doo and other mystery movies, bookcases. The room is basically a credits room for the entire lodge, it's pretty neat.

Winter Karts

Mario Kart is a good game by Nintendo.
Never mind.. I'm giving this one up to Catalog Analyst, Rayman36.

"Hello readers, RayMan36 here with a reason to go outside and get frostbite. I’m talking about the winter games.
Yes, we know the Winter Games are bad. But I sort of like them; they are bad published roblox games, but kind of fun regular games. I have probably made the mistake of playing a game and writing a review randomly, because I chose the game most of you probably, well, hate. I’m talking about Road Rage Simulator 2014, or as most of you call it, Winter Karts.

I. Gameplay
Not a very hard game, but some of its parts just lack. It’s mario kart with more 2D GUIS and very annoying music. So drive around, use the powerups, and try not to yell in anger too much.

II. Awards
The real reason I played this the most was that it’s super easy to get awards if you play it long enough. If you drive fine and don’t hit anything, you’ll get first. The medals are simple enough, as well as getting Yeti Headphones if you score first. My problem is with the Blue Bird prize; I have never seemed to earn it, even when I drive into my own fake block. I’d probably do that in a race, not a game mode."

-Try to hit all of the boosts to stay ahead.
-Unless you feel like trolling and getting hated, don't run into other players.
-Every power-up is fairly useful, just make sure you throw bombs away from you and don't run into your own shells.

Snowball Fight

You know.. I really don't like to rant but.. heh, kidding. I love to rant. This game is awful. "Why is it awful, it looked fun in the trailer?" Well, to start things off, you can team kill. That basically ruins the WHOLE place, which is supposed to be war themed. The building is terrible, it looks like it was thrown together in like 30 minutes. The only useful gear isn't even made by the creator. One of the prizes is a GUI in the corner of your screen. There are NO ROUNDS. The medals in this place are for the first, second, and third to get 35 points, which is pretty tough if rounds and stats don't reset. Oh, and both of the prizes for the place don't even look good. A scarf and a beanie. Yippee..

-Don't play it.
-Take advantage of team killing to get prizes and medals.
-Don't use the snowball, use the gun, the snowball's 'curve' in the air is awful.

Winter Snowboarding

I like to explain Winter Snowboarding in three different stages. The beginning, the terribly awful, and the better (but still not very good). Sorry badcc, I'm not a fan.

Okay, in the beginning of this game, there were plenty of excited people ready to go play a snowboarding game. When they got there, they thought it was intermission. They thought the rounds were long. "Wow, this must be a fun event," exclaimed Jimmy. Well, Jimmy, you're wrong. It's broken. Completely broken. 100% BROKEN.

Stage two consists of an actual working game, but there's one issue.... there are tons of cheaters. Jimmy is curious as to how a fully tested event can have so many glitches and available cheating paths! Well, Jimmy. So am I. Anyway, this is now patched, so have a watch at what you COULD do (video to the right).

Stage three is basically a fully functional game, with invisible walls blocking off cheats, and checkpoints that you have to pass in order to finish, which kind of fixes things up, besides the fact that the game is terribly glitchy and I still fly up all the time and miss checkpoints. As I like to say in cases like this, Blame John.

-Use all of your power-ups, even if they do nothing.
-If you find some way to cheat and still win, use that for your advantage.


BreezeKrieg probably has the most effort put into it, but when you combine effort and ROBLOX.. you get a broken game. Yeah, for the first few hours of the event, this game was broken. Yeah, two broken games in one event, don't you think ROBLOX would've checked for this stuff first? Anyways, after it was fixed, it became my favorite game in the event, but still, It's not bad. Basically, you spawn as a tank. There are a few rounds, either capturing flags, territories, or murdering the other team. You can buy upgrades for your tank in the shop, and in order to shoot and place blocks to build, you need to collect snow patches on the ground by driving over them. So basically, It's pay to win. Without upgrades, It's not easy to do well. Oh, and, you can just buy points for robux but.. oh wait, no you can't, because that's broken too..

-Collect as much snow patches as you possibly can, and always keep your meter more than half full if possible.
-Upgrade your tank whenever you get the chance, soon you will find good combinations and become very strong.
-Don't play it on your mom's 5 year old computer. It lags, as you may be able to guess.


Going to send this review over to Site Journalist, FiniteBlox.

"Definitely my favorite, it exhibits wonderful quality. With minimal lag as compared to the other games, it is fun to play as well. The only downside is the wait time, which can reach two minutes at times between rounds. When the round begins, it loads one of several maps and you are spawned behind a wall. Instead of having about 5 studs of space like Winter Snowboarding, you are given plenty of room to move about. The countdown begins, the wall lowers, and the race is on. If you run into obstacles, you are slowed down. This nice feature makes the game require a touch of finesse and skill. The boost panels can be found throughout the map, and activate the speed boost feature that is found on a normal snowboard. There are no checkpoints and the walls are completely vertical (no cheating!)."

- Hit as many speed boosts as possible.
- Before the countdown begins, instead of ramming into the wall, back up quite a bit, wait for the countdown to start, and if you time it correctly you'll be flying out of the starting line.

- Do whatever you can not to hit obstacles. They slow you down a lot.


Each game, including the lobby, has two different badges. The prize is a virtual item that you get to put on your ROBLOX Avatar, they are only available during the event, and some may become limited in the future. In this section We'll mainly be covering how to get each badge, along with giving some tips for the tougher ones.


With the medals, TheInnovative is just going to be giving tips for each of the games to help get the medal, then of course, I'll review the actual medals, but the reviews will be all in one, because they're basically the same hat, just different colors. All of the information here is for Gold medals, use the same tips here to get Silver and Bronze.

"SnowBlox: To get the Gold Medal in SnowBlox, it's fairly simple. You have to win one race. Just one. To do this just be ready to start the race right away, use all the speed boosts you can, and don't crash. It may take a few tries.

Breezekreig: To get the Gold Medal on Breezekreig, it's fairly hard. You need to be the highest scorer in the game, so make sure you've upgraded your tank a lot and are ready to kill some tanks.

Winter Snowboarding: To get the Gold Medal in Winter Snowboarding is the exact same as to get it in Snowblox. Be ready, use all power ups, don't crash, and just win one race.

Snowball Fight: This is the hardest one to get a Gold Medal (in fact, any medal). As of now, the only way to get a gold medal is to be so lucky and be the first to get 35 points in a server. You get 5 points for every kill. Soon after this post, there will be a round system so points reset. This means you constantly have chances each round to get 35 points once the rounds start.

Winter Karts: Getting a Gold Medal in Winter Karts is decently easy. Be first place in one race or battle. A race is self explanatory, and you can use some power-ups to knock people out for a good 3 seconds. For battles you have to use power-ups to knock people out. For every person you trick, you get one point. The person with the most points wins."
2014 Winter Games Gold Medal
Ah, the medals. Every Olympics has to have medals. Usually they're circles, but oh well. Squares are fine, I mean, it is ROBLOX. On the medals is a ROBLOXian under the word ROBLOX along with what looks like a stack of something (medals, stairs, gold, robux?). The medals fit nice on your character, and work well in other hat combos because, well, they're necklaces. Nothing will usually cover/block them. The one thing I don't like is how there are only three medals around the 5 places, I know this isn't like the real Olympics, but I was expecting different medals for different games. Oh well.

BreezeKreig Arctic Adventurer (BreezeKreig Adventurer)

Going to hand this one over to Catalog Analyst Manager, NonstopEpic.

 "To get this hat, you must simply collect 1000 or more snow patches in BreezeKrieg. One might say in response to this, "but my tank can only hold 370 snow!". You do not need to have 1000 snow at once, you just need to collect 1000 snow patches. Also, the amount of snow you have is not what the game tracks for this badge; the game tracks how much snow you have (each snow patch yields more than one snow for your inventory)."

- Clean out your snow inventory via methods such as shooting snow when it starts to get close to full so you that you are still able to collect snow.
- The best time to get the most snow patches is at the beginning of a round.
- Grab every snow patch in the area that you are in; don't ignore any of them
- The game will sometimes generate more big snow patches, which you can collect.

BreezeKreig  Adventurer"The hat has an excellent color scheme and looks very winter-esque. The snow marks on it make for great detail and make the BreezeKrieg Adventurer great for winter combos. This hat is definitely a must-get out of all the winter games prizes."

BreezeKreig Ski Cap

To win this badge, you just have to be on the winning team in BreezeKreig. It's basically pay to win, because it's a lot easier to win with an upgraded tank. Before the game was fixed, this was simple to win, you just had to wait for it to be the territory round, then trick the other team to cross the line, but now you actually have to try. Ugh, effort.
-Always have over half of your snow gauge filled.
-The freeze ray is probably the most powerful and annoying weapon, so with that note, it's the best. Use it.
-Health of your tank is the most important stat.

BreezeKreig Ski Cap
The hat awarded is this fancy green cap. On it is a set of goggles. Eh, not a bad hat. I'd prefer if it was either just the goggles, or a hat with goggles being separated. This isn't bad though, but It's not something I'd wear.

WinterKart Winner (Yeti Headphones)

Another straightforward badge. As you may be able to guess, you just have to win a round of Winter Karts. If you had a childhood full of Mario Kart, this badge will be easy for you. If not, you should practice. After a few games, you will get lucky with power-ups, know the map, and be able to win.
-"Practice makes perfect" - John Adams and other people 
-Get lucky with power-ups "But pb, I'm not lucky!" Well too bad.
-Try to hit every boost.

Yeti HeadphonesThe prize awarded is probably one of the best. It's a pair of headphones, a retexture of the 8-Ball Headphones (I think). Instead of 8's on the muff things, there are yeti heads. White background, blue face, large white teeth. Looks fantastic. One of the three must-gets of this event.
Faked Yourself Out! (Blue Snow Bird)
This badge has been prescribed by 9/10 doctors, leaving comments like "LOLNOPE YOU'RE TOO UNLUCKY TO GET IT, OUT OF MY OFFICE, BEGONE!" But yeah. I spent like, an hour on this. It's not even hard. You just have to get lucky enough to actually get the fake box thing. Silly Sorcus, always making chance rates for badges like this like "1 out of every ∞ power-up boxes will yield a fake box lol!" 

Blue Snow BirdThe prize you get is not worth the time. It's.. a.. bird.. that sits on your shoulder. What? Why would a bird be that friendly? Why would a bird be THAT PERFECT SHADE OF BLUE, and lastly, WHY WOULD A BIRD BE WEARING A SNOW CAP THAT LOOKS BETTER THAN THE PILE OF MASHED POTATOES BELOW THIS (ALONG WITH A SCARF)????????
Deep breath. In... Out...
There we go..

Snowball Slinger (Snowflake Snowboarder Beanie)

To get Snowball Slinger, you basically have to do the same exact thing that you have to do in order to get any medal: Get 35 kills. Except this doesn't involve being the first, second, or third, to do so. It's simple, especially with team killing currently possible.
-Don't bother trying.
-Team-kill untill it's fixed.
-Use the gun, not the ball.

Snowflake Snowboarder BeanieThe hat you get from this badge is probably the ugliest thing I've ever lay my eyes on (after Blackvalk, of course). It reminds me of the mashed potatoes at my school, except it's white with snowflakes on it and a little ball on top, APPARENTLY it's a beanie, but I see no resemblance. This is definitely the "must-not-get" prize of the Winter Games. I want the bird's cap, not this.. thing. :( (I wouldn't wear either but it's just the principle, ya'know?)

You Found It! (Midnight Blue Winter Scarf)

Midnight Blue Winter ScarfWhen you think of a hidden gift box, you'd think of something hidden around the map. LOLNOPE. It's in the top left corner of your screen. Pathetic hiding spot. Oh well, free scarf. The scarf is free. No effort needed at all (except for getting on the lifts). It's just a Blue version of the Crimson Winter Scarf, most likely just a recolor or something. Oh well, it looks good.
                                     Dang. Short review, that's why I did two in one!

SnowBlox Victory (Red Ski Hat)

Okay, another "Win _____" badge, who would've guessed? I would've, hopefully you would've too. Ah well, just win. Win, win, win, then win some more. Kidding, this isn't Arb's retexture. Win once. It's not hard. It's easy. Unless you have no hands. Or you're just a blob.
Red Ski HatHallelujah. A hat that looks good, and it isn't something 'expensive.' They made a ski hat look good. Dang. It's red. Or as the french say, "C'est rouge." It looks great, has grey and orange goggles, or as the french say, "gris et orange." Time to stop quoting French stuff and get on with the review..
Wait, what? Oh. It's already done. Okay.

Speed Booster (Red ROBLOX Scarf)

I'm not a fan of this badge. You get it for hitting 3 speed boosts in a round of Snowblox, but I mean.. some maps don't even have speed boosts. It's pretty stupid, but a bit challenging, actually. Unless it's that ice spiral map thing, there's like 50 boosts there.
-It would be a good idea if you hit speed boosts.
-It would also be a fantastic idea if you don't fall off the map or screw up and get stuck/flung/stuck/whatever else is possible with ROBLOX physics.

Red ROBLOX ScarfYay, last review I have to write. Why I wrote in this order, I have no idea. Oh well. This scarf is another ugly scarf that ROBLOX comes up with. This scarf is a retexture of the ROBLOX Catalog Maker Gift thingy-ma-bob prize thing. Eh. The scarf doesn't work well in red, I prefer blue. Oh well, as us ROBLOXians like to say...           "ITS FREEEEEEEEEEE"

Snowboarding Expert (Expert Snowboarder Helmet)
Congrats Arbirator!

Going to hand this one over once again to Catalog Analyst Manager, NonstopEpic.

"This retexture by arbirator is probably the hardest hat to obtain in the Winter Games (not counting the prizes that will be given out to the Winter Games high scorers) this is practically impossible to win unless you've been playing the games non-stop epic every day. Pun intended.)" Pun intended indeed. "To get this hat you must win 20 games of Winter Snowboarding. This does not count getting in the first three places; this counts only for getting first place. If you're going for this badge, it will take you a while"
- The only useful power-up in the game is the speed power-up. If you get multiple speed power-ups, use each one to their fullest until you slow down, then use the speed power-up again.
- Cross every checkpoint.
- Don't fall off the map.

Expert Snowboarder Helmet"The Expert Snowboarder Helmet is a good retexture by arbirator, the main man here at ROBLOX News. What makes this retexture great is the awesome mountain reflection on the goggles and the strap with the ROBLOX "R" on it. My only complaint with this hat is that besides the goggles, the helmet itself is not spectacular; its just blue and doesn't have much of an interesting texture."
Powered Up (Blue Bandit)

Another freebie, basically. In Snowboarding, just collect 5 power-ups. If you are unable to do this in a real game, which you should be able to do, just go to the first set of powerups and drive back and forth through them until you have 5. Very, very, very, VERY, very, simple.
Blue BanditYou get Blue Bandit from this badge, which is a fantastic hat. It's the bandit hat. but recolored so it's blue. It's fantastic for hat combos, especially with other blue hats, fedoras, top hats, etc. It's probably my favorite prize in this event. Meh. The games are awful, but the prizes are good. Fine with me. Like the BreezeKrieg hood, this is a must-get hat from this event.

Keep calm and keep warm (BLOXikin #33 Snowman)

This badge is probably my overall favorite in the event. As the badge before this, it can be found in the lobby. When you first spawn, follow the path to the left to a giant bonfire. Sit on a log, and get nice and cozy. After about a minute, your head will catch on fire. "AHHHH!" No. Don't panic. Sit there and wait it out, nothing bad will happen. After about 5 minutes, your head explodes. Yeah, a bit much? Anyways, you get this badge after your head explodes.

The prize given by this badge is coincidentally a snowman. It's a BLOXikin, too, to go along with #1-31 from the Witching hour, then #32 as a Christmas gift present. This one is #33, and it looks really good. Unlike the other BLOXikins, it doesn't have a distinctive torso, legs, and arms, it's just a snowman. ROBLOX did manage to accomplish making this look cute, just like every other BLOXikin out there. Good job on this one.

Gondola in the Wind (BLOXikin #34 Polar Bear)

I don't need to really explain how to get this. Go on a gondola. Bam. You got it. There ya go.
Review time!
The item given by this badge is the 34th BLOXikin, a polar bear. Like the other BLOXikins, it's a ROBLOXian in a costume, but this time It's a polar bear with a scarf. Of course, it's cute, nothing new there. It has little claws because, well, It's a bear. Dang. There really isn't much to say for this badge. (Oh well.)


Don't play it.

Or as Rayman36 concludes,

"Sochi > Winter Games"

Thanks for reading!!

~Nonstopepic, FiniteBlox, TheInnovative, Rayman36~