Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hat Review: Sparkle Time Cheese Hat

Sparkle Time Cheese Hat
Sparkle Time Cheese Hat
Mesh/Texture: 8/10
The Sparkle Time Cheese's mesh is different from the original Cheese Hat's mesh. For one, it's much bigger. The holes in it are in different positions and are smaller. Compare the two for a better idea of their differences. I think the texture was very well done. The sparkles look very good and detailed making this hat look well worth its high price. Whilst the texture is almost flawless, the quality of the mesh begs some questions. Again we see a lower polygon count than usual with smooth edges not clearly defined. This a minor bugbear of Arbirator's and does dock some points from this score. The hat itself looks a bit strange on your character, but it's sparkle time, so who cares?

Price: 8/10
Even though this is a sparkle time item, and sparkle time items are usually extremely high-priced or increase in value exponentially over time, I think the price was a bit excessive. The Sparkle Time Cheese Hat was 2,500 Robux and was on sale for exactly 12 hours. Even though the price was high and the President's Day Weekend Sale was just beginning, the cheese got 559 sales which surprised me. I doubt it will do well if it goes limited, but if you're an offsale collector this is an excellent hat to own.

Overall: 8/10
Although the price was somewhat excessive, I feel like most aspects of this hat were done pretty well. It looks good on your character, it sold a good amount for its price and time onsale, and it's sparkle time! Congratulations to the lucky few people who got this hat before it went off sale.