Thursday, February 20, 2014

Single Player Games: What's the deal?

Skydiving without any air to fall through, or gravity to propel you.

Lately, I've seen more single player games on Roblox, of which have gained some popularity. The four popular titles I have in mind are Space Fall UniverseDistilledFlow, and my favorite, Tilt. You can see most of these are popular or were/will be, and most are puzzle games.  I myself like the idea of single games, but there is one problem: they are way too hard to make. I talked with the creator of Tilt, and he put it like this: "All physical objects are a descendant of the Client's Camera, placed there by a LocalScript."  So Each player makes his/her own game upon entering. Pretty neat, huh? This is done by every single player game created before last week. This is a huge hole for roblox to fill; I myself love puzzle games and I'm sure it there would be tons more selections with the new player-count feature.

The Pros

You've got awesome gameplay, and the oppurtunity for amazing puzzles from people who don't know very well how to script, breathtaking horror by someone who can put two and two together, and even complex plots by someone who usually writes. There's going to be much better games.


The reason ROBLOX never initially put in this feature was so players could chat and talk together in a social enviroment. There isn't anything wrong with single-player games in my mind, but that's probably the one negative I can point out: less human/humanoid interaction (which is why you guys joined ROBLOX in the first place, right?)

I'll let myself out.