Sunday, March 4, 2012

Google Chrome Roblox Hat Notifier.

Many users on Roblox want to know if they can catch the new limited before it goes out of stock or get the new headphones everyone has heard about. You'll be the first one to know!

I'll be interviewing the Roblox Hat Notifier!

Today I'll show you where to get it and how it works. It's 100% certified  trustable, meaning there are no keyloggers, spyware, or malware.

The Interface:

As you can see, at the bottom left corner there are notifications explaining the results of the new hat. At the top right it shows that Roblox is on, if the bar is red, it means Roblox is offline.

How It Works:

The extension constantly checks each new item for the class "Hat". The notifier will then supply a notification showing "It looks like a brand new item!" with it's name. When it shows "New Hat Changed", most of the time it is a limitedU item. You then go Roblox symbol in the top right corner. 


You are able to click the top three updated hats and loading is fast as a rocket. It takes you right to the page!

There are a few problems that can cause this app to not function and things that it doesn't have.

It is Hat only
Depending on the amount of people using it, it can delay updating time
Causes erroring during the clicking
A possible KeyLogger (The Source is trusted, but must access your account to work. So...)

  1. Scripting: 10/10 [Speechless]
  2. Updating Speed: 8/10 [The amount of saved user data is quite low, making the speed slow and errors]
  3. Design: 9/10 [Flashy enough, extra tabs to submit bugs should be added and maybe a texture]
  4. Accessibility: 9.5/10 [It's small enough for easy access watch in games, yet buttons glitch]
  5. Overall: 9.1/10 [It's good, too good and the best Roblox extension this year]

Get Yours Today: Click Here