Sunday, January 26, 2014

An Update on Due Articles

Dear ROBLOX News -

It's been about three weeks since my return. I spoke briefly with some admins before posting this rather irregular message.

I want to apologize to RN for several things, among the first is an article I promised to have out this week which I will not have time to immediately work on regarding to "The Most Anticipated Games of 2014."

I also want to apologize for a more than less informative 'teaser' (hardly informative and for decent reason) for a new series i'm working on via YouTube called 'choices' - and while I am still going to go ahead with it, I have recently decided to add more things, more additions to the film's composition.

I'm going to be soon writing a set piece of series on 'getting organized' not only on ROBLOX, but everywhere. It could have the potential to give some insight to your potential and work from someone who does a lot of it on a professional basis with hundreds of people daily.

With that said, most of the reason for this less than predictable delay is Averate, my online internet communicate for creatives, gamers, content producers, and more. It's a serious work in progress right now, but we've reached 50 registrants in a little under 48 hours and we're heading forward to get 100 very soon.

With all said and done, I won't promise a precise date of release for anything. But if you have any questions regarding my 'getting organized and creative' series, I will write it here and publish to other places.

Thanks and sorry again,
^Noah (itsfutur)
@futurtopia on Twitter