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The ROBLOXian's Guide to Becoming a Virtual Serial Killer

Don't Panic.
Kudos to you if you get the reference

     The Basics:

     When the game begins, everyone is given a random name. You will be assigned the job of Sheriff (you receive a gun), Murderer (you receive a knife), and Innocent (everyone else, you receive nothing). This guide assumes that you have basic knowledge of the game.

     The Murderer:

     You have to think like an innocent. The main rule of being the murderer is "Don't Panic." If you start to freak out, you will probably kill someone in the open, not catch someone when you intend to. You have to stay focused. In the beginning of the game, get an idea of where people are spread. If you can single someone off by themselves, go for it. Be careful, though. If you are talking to someone and they die, anyone could put two and two together and realize it is you. There are two tactics you can employ to win.

     Sociopath Tactic: If you are good enough as the murderer, you might be able to get away with this. Else, you will have no chance. Immediately discover who has the gun. Inexperienced users will hold out their gun and walk around. Follow them around, befriend them, and when they are out in the open (it doesn't matter HOW many witnesses there are, so long as they are about 5 studs away). Murder that gun-wielding maniac and guard the dropped gun with your life. You can pretty much spin and swing your knife and get away with it, but some people are smart. They just realize that they can run out the timer. If you try to chase them down, one can grab the gun. Know that you can throw the gun by holding click for a second and aiming, play it smart, and you should be able to win.

     Lesser-Sociopath Tactic: For the people who aren't gifted with the inner ability to think like a genocidal maniac. No matter what, always:

  • Restrain yourself from panicking.
  • Only kill if you are within one or two studs of the person, and if there are no witnesses at all (does not matter near end of game).
  • Know who has the gun, and never be near them when you kill.
The first thing you want to do is find someone who is wandering by themselves. Track them down for a bit, and then rip them apart. Take them down one at a time, don't be ambitious. If you are discovered, either play dumb or murder as many people as you can in a futile attempt to win.

     The Sheriff:

     You spawn with a gun in your inventory and see a blue GUI telling you to kill the murderer. Excited, you pull out your gun and start looking around. You have already made a mistake. Any decent murderer will immediately try to find the person with the gun first. If you hold out that gun you will be either the first person dead, or the murderer will stay so far away from you that you won't witness a thing. No matter how many times an innocent screams for someone to say if they have the gun, you have to keep quiet about it. There isn't much to say about being Sheriff, you are just an innocent with a weapon.

     The Innocent:

     Your job is to almost be killed...but not be killed. If someone starts chasing you with a knife, you have to go off like an alarm, screaming the killer's name. If the Sheriff shows his gun, he's going to be targeted. Its your job to follow him as a witness if he is attacked, and as an "heir" to the gun if he is killed. There isn't a lot to say for the Innocent either. Try to stay alive, always be on the run, and think logically. If there are five people in the same room as you and you hear the knife, you are obviously all innocent.

     Map Specific Tips:

  • If the gun is dropped on a map , there is a likely chance the murderer will guard it. Get on the roof above the gun, and drop down on it and run.
  • On the laboratory map, it is easy to kill unnoticed as murderer. The only problem is that you have to track down the innocents and will run out of time. Do not waste your time, and start killing right away (don't be too hasty and be caught, though).
  • Any good murderer should be able to win on the office easily. It is very small, confined, and yet there are many walls that can conceal your blood-lust.
  • On the city map, you can hide in the trees as an innocent and be almost completely concealed.

Of course, this guide isn't even complete and might never be. The game hasn't even officially left beta stages.

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