Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hat Review: Cherry Pie Hat

Cherry Pie Hat
Cherry Pie Hat
Mesh/Texture: 7/10
I find the mesh of the Cherry Pie Hat pretty nice. It looks just like a real pie and even has globs of cherries underneath the crust. The bottom layer of crust, though, doesn't look very circular. It looks like a 12-sided polygon, not very well modeled. The texture could have been better done. I like the texture of the cherries, it looks like realistic pie filling. Everything else, however, looks bland and poorly textured. They just slapped one color onto the crusts.

Price: 10/10
The pie's price was 75 Robux and it was on sale for approximately 24 hours. It apparently was available for Internetional Pie Day, not to be confused with Pi Day. For such a creative hat idea and hilarious hat itself, I find the price and time available very fair. You're lucky if you got it while it was available, it goes with quite a few hats and is a nice item to have.

Overall: 8.5/10
Although the mesh and texturing were done a bit quickly and lazily, this hat is amusing to wear, fun to own, and the price was definitely fair. Congratulations if you got this limited-edition food hat to add to your collection of hats.