Thursday, January 9, 2014

Think You Have the Most Anticipated Game Releasing on ROBLOX in 2014?

Well, lets see!

I promised recently over Twitter that I would make an article regarding to "The Top 10 Most Anticipated Games Releasing on ROBLOX in 2014" and I wanted to make this an engaging and interesting article that anyone could have the potential to be apart of.

For this, i'm looking at games not just by popular ROBLOX builders and scripters, but looking at work by common ROBLOX players! Think you have the most exciting game that will be released in 2014? I guess we'll have to see.

Read the rules for the 'contest' below to see if your game meets the guidelines, if so: send forth your game!

- Your game must be releasing sometime in 2014.
- Your game can only apply for the contest if it is not complete and is still under development.
- Your game cannot apply if it has been released (as a final copy - a general release - if you need help understanding this, PM me)
- Your game must be original: no stolen places. Send me one and i'll laugh at you.


(Since it has been asked - you can send forth any game you think is the most exciting game coming out in 2014. Your friend's game, your game, your cat's game, any game you want to!)

In your PM, please list the game name, the user who made it, the genre, and other details that I should know about the project.

Winners may be contacted for an interview - this contest closes January 31. There will be ten winners, the winners (of course) will be posted about on here for the 'Top 10 Most Anticipated Games Releasing on ROBLOX in 2014.'

Best of luck, and as always: have a good day!
^ ItsFutur