Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hat Day Overview

Okay, so APPARENTLY there's a holiday called Hat Day, and to celebrate, ROBLOX made.. well.. hats! Along with some things limited (and other stuff).
So in this post, I'll talk about (and review) hats that came out or, in one case, went limited, during hat day.

<3 Hats 2014                                                                                

I <3 Hats 2014     The first hat to come out was just a simple cap to 'introduce' the 'holiday.' It was just a simple cap priced at 10 Tix and set to go off-sale later that day. It got almost 50,000 sales, and was a pretty big hit during the day. It is a normal black cap, and has the words "I <3 Hats" on it, just like in the title of the hat. It's really nothing special, but it was timed, so it got a nice amount of sales before it went off-sale. But, in the end, it's just another cap that isn't very different from the rest.


Comically Oversized Hat                                                                 

Comically Oversized Hat     This hat is basically just an oversized top hat with a feather on it, nothing special at all. It sold for 100 Robux, and, like the cap, it was timed to go off within the day. Due to the price not being NBC-Friendly, it only got around 4,000 sales. It's a grey top hat with a red band on the main, er, "hat" part. There is also a feather on the bottom portion, colored yellow and getting darker and redder as it goes towards the stem of the feather. In the end, it's good for the money, but not something I'd wear.


Hat Stack                                                                                           

Hat Stack     The next hat to be released was the Hat Stack, which is pretty much an overpriced stack of ugly fedoras. It was priced at 250 Robux, and, like the other hats, went off-sale after a bit. Only about 1,800 of these sold, really getting across the fact that this is a failure as a hat, and not even a hat, it's three hats. It's basically three fedoras on top of each other, each getting uglier as they go up. The first is black with a red band and bow, the second is blue with a black band and a random orange leaf, and the top is brown with a black band and red feather. Ew. Not worth the money.


Marginally Less Modest Pile of Hat (Went Limited)                    

Marginally Less Modest Pile of HatDang. Long name. This item was a gift prize back in 2010, and came out of the Frosty Winter Collector's Gift, which was awarded to people who solved different riddles and were able to collect 6 out of 8 collectible items hinted, which was pretty tough. It sold for 1,000 Robux, which, back then, is quite a lot more than what that amount of Robux is worth now. Well, anyways, it failed, and is selling for negative profit based on what the gift sold for. Although it looks, well, okay (it's a mash up of a bunch of random hats), it still failed, so yeah.


Classic Hat Stack                                                                              

Classic Hat Stack     That's better, a hat that looks great and didn't fail. Classic Hat Stack is basically just, well, a stack of classic hats. From the bottom to top, the hats include Summertime 2009 R&R&R, 2008 ROBLOX Visor, Green Banded Top Hat, and Golden Crown, all of which are either limited, off-sale, or expensive. To own all of those hats, you would have to spent around 5,000 Robux and 5,000 Tix (but a bit more than that). Anyways, this hat came out for 1,000 Robux and was a limited with 250 in stock. It took about a minute to sell out, and began selling for double the price. Triple.. quadruple... whatever 5x the price is called.. and all the way up to 15,000 Robux or more! It began to lower after a few days though, but is still selling for about 8,000 Robux, which is still a lot of profit. Plus, it looks great.


Stay tuned for next month, when I'll (most likely) be reviewing the Presidents Day sale!
Thanks for reading!