Sunday, January 12, 2014

Spotlight: Ignoble | Early Access Testing

First off, allow me to say welcome to 2014 everyone! May we be graced with actually good releases this year rather than the same, repetitive concepts that have been done to death that mostly populate the front page. That done, let's move onto the actual subject of the article; Teah Rudimentalitys new work-in-progress, Ignoble. Just a small note this article won't really have sections, since that's reserved for reviews, but spotlights are sort of just all over the place.

I'd like to bring attention to the name, Ignoble. What could that possibly mean? Well, a quick Google brings up this; "Not honorable in character or purpose."

Just knowing the definition of the name will give you a brief idea of the game, but some more exposition, just bear with me. Ignoble was actually already out late last year but was broken due to a ROBLOX update regarding camera usage, but Rudimentality fixed that issue and have since then been updating game with new content and bug fixes. The game also pretty much uses the same movement system as Strobe, another game by the same developer that's gone under for a bit due to the very same issue that broke Ignoble.

At it's core Ignoble is a third person shooter in the vein of something like DayZ but without the zombies, once entering the game you're able to customize your character with a variety of different hats, want to be a bandana-clad psycho in a suit? Sure, you can do that! Once you actually spawn into the game though it's about quick response time, since pretty much everyone is out to get you. Whether you spawn into a city, or out in an open field it's best to open your inventory and get your gun ready, and make sure you turn off the safety. Yes, you heard me correctly, you're able to switch the safety on/off in this game, something Apocalypse Rising doesn't have I'm pretty sure.

Your main objective in Ignoble (for the time being, anyway) is to basically play bounty hunter, or the mercenary. There are bounty boards scattered throughout important landmarks within the game that will show a brief picture of the colors of the player's garments and a bounty amount, and maybe their whereabouts if that's know. Then it's up to you to seek them out, or wait for them to come to you. But if that's not your kinda thing then feel free to roam about and get crates which contain random loot that you can sell to NPCs for cash and other items. Or maybe you want to just run around slaughtering everyone in your wake, playing the lone wolf? That's possible, Ignoble is all about choice to be brief. Choice is what will dictate your experience, but I suppose that's what can be said about all of these "DayZ"-like games.

But I digress, recently added are also guards which will stand around the boundaries of towns/cities and will shoot anyone that threatens them, or has $300 in bounty. (Killing more people gives you a higher bounty if that wasn't obvious enough, and killing guards instantly gives you a $300 bounty). Bounty can be decreased by helping out people by giving them goods such as "flour" and "exotic tea leaves". Radios are also a thing that were added recently, find a man named Carleton in a gas station and he can sell you random items for quests, and radios for $200 which you can tune into different channels with, but you will remain anonymous to players that you contact on the same channel, and it will reveal your whereabouts. Night vision scopes are also a thing, but currently broken and will be re-added in a later patch.

This is what I like about Ignoble, even though it's not in first-person it can actually be extremely immersive at times. The minimalistic hud and feel of the features give you this lonely, secluded feeling when out roaming the countryside and scavenging for supplies and keeping watch for bandits. Even if I don't feel like I did it justice, Ignoble is available for 25 R$ and I extremely recommend you check it out even if the development is still very early on it. You can find it here. Be sure to keep on the watch for this one everyone, it may very well be one of the most anticipated releases for 2014 on ROBLOX. At least, it is for me. There may be another article on Ignoble when it's in a more complete state but no promises.

Next time, I'll be looking at the sequel to one of the more known ROBLOX shooters, Authority 2: Corruption.