Saturday, January 4, 2014

Five New Job Vacancies at RN - Apply Today!

Happy New Year everyone! With a fresh new year, we are looking for a fresh batch of budding bloggers to join out fantastic team!
    At RN we look for the best journalistic writers who can enhance the current skill-set of the team. Staff who are responsible and able to tackle challenges are at the top of our agenda. We recognise those who have unique skills, talents and attributes. We are looking for experienced players who enjoy ROBLOX and whom enthusiastically engage with the community. Here at Roblox News, we are looking for passionate writers to join our ranks. Writers that can communicate their opinions effectively and with an aspect of style. We let our individual writers express their opinions and love of the game through the medium of our blog.

    Remember: our blog is all about detail and accuracy of information. Our highest priority is making sure the content of our posts is enjoyable to view and read for our blog's visitors.

    We will require writers to be very active on the blog; publishing several posts a week. They will be required to attend team meetings and briefings from editors and managers. Roblox News staff are given a large amount of freedom in what they post; they will be assigned the section of their choice i.e games, catalog or site news. A job description for each of the three roles can be found here

    The five positions are as follows:
    • Catalog Analyst
    • Site News Journalist
    • Site News Journalist
    • Game Journalist
    • Game Journalist 
    If you believe you meet all the above requirements, please email an application to: !

    What should the application include? 

    1) To start your Roblox News job application a paragraph describing yourself should be included. This should consist of your talents that you would bring to Roblox News. Describe your past experiences on ROBLOX and what others on the site may know for (particular projects or achievements). You should also include any hobbies and personal interests you may have. 

    2) A paragraph about why you would you like to join Roblox News and why you want to apply for the chosen role (Game Journalist/Catalog Analyst/Site News Journalist). Including what interests you the most on ROBLOX is a definite plus, and you can also include your favourite past times on the site. Information about you have previously engaged with the community would also be a plus.

    3) Finally, include a sample article of your choice. If you are applying for the role of Game Journalist, please send a place review, strategy guide or news report on an upcoming game project - you could take a look at the new Cloud 9 Snowboarding Game created by the ROBLOX Games Team. If you are applying for the role of Catalog Analyst, please send an article based on Limited investment or comparison post (Gear, Hat, Package). If you are applying for the role of Site News Journalist, please send an article based on a recent update to the ROBLOX site. This could include steaming of parts, new terrain perimeters or upcoming community events such as the 'Winter Games'. 

    Remember to include your ROBLOX username and your email you use to log in to blogger - we will need both of these if you are chosen to join our team! 

    The deadline to send in applications is Friday, 17th January 2014.

    Good luck to all applicants! We are looking forward to reading them!

    Editor of Roblox News