Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Review: Cookie Clicker GUI Game

Cookie Clicker
     By David1234501              

     Hello, readers. Today I bring you Cookie Clicker, an all-GUI tycoon that recently took the BC Games page by storm. This differs from Quenty's in the way that the lag is very, very reduced (being that the entire game was made with GUIs). While the graphics are questionable compared to Quenty's, it has almost the exact same game aspects. A giant cookie to be clicked, upgrades to how many cookies you get per click, and items to purchase that make cookies for you. Different from Quenty's, though, is the "Chocolate Milk". Every so often (you can see the exact countdown in the bottom right corner of your screen), Chocolate Milk will activate. It increases your Cookies per click by five times.

As it isn't a very complicated game (yet), I don't see much more to be written besides the bugs. When you leave and come back, your Cookies Per Second stays the same and your Cookies stay the same. Your upgrades, though, are erased. The problem with this? When you come back, you are able to purchase the upgrades for their starter prices, which is easily exploitable.

Cookie is more of a tech-demo and a showcase than a game, albeit a good one at that!

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