Monday, January 6, 2014

OPINION: The Truth Behind ROBLOX 'Coffee Companies'

ROBLOX Coffee Companies.
We're hearing a lot about these so-called 'companies' and what they turn out to be. A hospitable experience in a fancily made home store where a nice ROBLOXian stands across a shining counter - ready to prepare you a hot, pixelated cup of joe. But behind all this glamorization - I can't help but feel a little aggravated by such a ridiculous idea. This entire idea of virtual food in 'virtual stores. How does it even make sense?

It's no secret that I hate ROBLOXian 'food companies.' To me, they are no more than a bunch of over-dramatic roleplayers where everything is more so about interaction rather than making content or decent stuff. These food companies (especially coffee companies) rely on a stature of reliability: they need to make an image out of themselves to draw everyone away from the sole idea that all of this is just virtual, tasteless coffee and food. So by adding a sort of 'hangout' experience, workers, and a sense of life to the restaurant, some people thrillingly pull this off - and without explanation, even.

Yet, companies like StarBucks and Costa are some of the biggest 'companies' in ROBLOX consumables - their places drawing thousands of customers to their stores on a weekly basis and the question is how? Isn't it just pixelated food? The ROBLOX community is heavily disillusional in the idea that every aspect of real life should be on ROBLOX. After all, ROBLOX coffee? ROBLOX brands, just like the real ones? Exact replicas of public places? Food chains? I'm not one hundred percent on the understanding how some people find the entire concept of working at a 'ROBLOX Food Company' interesting [hey kids, would you like to work at a McDonalds in real life?], let alone visiting them. They must just be essentials, and since it would only be make-sense to visit places that distribute and sell food in real life, perhaps it's just something that is essential to your experience on a virtual game? Even though it sounds ridiculous, perhaps that is all there is to it.

Some would say it's absurdity - the idea of opening a company where you serve "coffee" to people and manage to squeeze out a return. But to me, it's the most hilarious idea I've ever seen. Coffee Groups toss thousands of ROBUX and TIX into the fire by advertising their groups, and what is their return? Nothing more than a few thousand measly and meaningless place visits where they make their roleplay coffee look fancy for all of about five minutes before the average, bored ROBLOX user leaves and in many cases: never returns.

Altogether, the idea when invested properly can make for an interesting roleplay experience. I don't exactly find the working part amusing, nor spending hours visiting these ROBLOX restaurants and cafes but if that's what ROBLOX players are into nowadays, [the pursuit of perfecting virtual food that you can't even taste] then that might as well be how it is.

I'm not going to tell you what to do with your ROBUX or TIX - but let me make a suggestion: don't join this so-called 'coffee industry' because it's an 'industry' with no returns, no promises, and only losses. There are only so many people that can glamorize pixelated drinks and pixelated food and somehow manage to make themselves, and their companies look good and odds are, you are not one of them.

^ ItsFutur

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