Friday, January 24, 2014

Gear Review: Hockey Stick

So, I guess the Winter Games is ROBLOX's excuse to actually continue making gears, seeing as how there's been.. er, one gear..? Anyways, that gear is a hockey stick, or, as ROBLOX likes to call it, Hockey Stick.

Hockey Stick
"Shoot pucks at your foes and check them into submission."


Mesh: 4/5
So basically the mesh is just a hockey stick, which isn't very surprising. Like.. every hockey stick, there is a long wooden pole and a curved "blade" that you hit pucks with. Yet.. for some reason, the asset design team don't think that ROBLOXians need a nice comfy grip to actually hold the stick with. Shame on them. People are getting splinters, all because of a lack of rubber grips.
Texture: 3/5
The texture is awful. The straight stick is red with random white stripes, under that is blue tape like most hockey sticks have, then the "blade" thing is just.. no. It's mainly red with yellow stripes.. but.. there is a "ROBLOX Winter Games" logo. Okay. I'm fine with tha- OH GOD. The other side. It's backwards and upside-down. A fantastic (heh) texturing job, that's what this is.
(So that's 7/10 for those who can't add.)

Ability: 10/10

Swing: 4/5
The first attack, done by clicking with the left mouse, is a normal swinging attack. You hit the puck, and it goes flying, hits your enemy if you can actually aim well enough, and knocks them down, doing 50% damage. It's a good attack, though there are two issues with it. First of all, if you jump and click in mid-air, you still swing normally, but the puck is flying in the air. Secondly, the puck goes on the ground for a while, then BAM. Liftoff. Watch as your puck soars above the ground randomly!
Check: 6/5
For those of you (like myself) who don't play hockey, a check is basically hitting your 'enemy' with your stick, or just holding up your stick to block a puck or something. And no, it will not kill your rivals in two hits in real life. In ROBLOX, checking is just hitting your opponent with your stick after charging forward, which, like the Swing, does 50% damage and knocks your opponent down. "But pb, why did you give it a 6/5?" Well, when checking, you will charge forward about 20-30 studs.. but.. you won't be affected by gravity.. so.. you can get across large gaps because of this, and it can be used in many games as an escape tactic.

Price: 9/10

I don't really have much to say about the price. It's 250 R$... it's ability is amazing. Could it be cheaper? Of course. Is everything perfect? Nope. Except for me. And maybe arb (but mostly me.)

Overall: 8.5/10
To sum up this post, buy the stick if you have enough robux. It's most likely going off-sale after the winter games.

~Thanks for reading!~