Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Idea: Robolox Loans?

RayMan36 here with a rather "interest-ing" way to make it rain. I'm talking about the concept of a roblox bank.

A picture in one of my rants? Impossible!

I. Process
This is complicated. I am thinking it would only apply to roblox-created items, like hats or gears. It should be a BC-only feature (maybe even TBC or OBC), so someone couldn't make an account in a day and give someone tons of money. The amount given can be calculated by how much money the person has, and how long they have been on roblox (a BC card used on an alt just created wouldn't work). I'd say the account has to have some wealth on their head, so it can be taken away. The only hard part with this is that there requires a lot of admin work: a machine can't do all of this.

II. Loan Calculator
Now that you can have a loan, what are the asterisks going to be? First off, the rates would be extremely unreasonable. If you needed 10k, you would pay 2k robux a month, for a year. The payments would be automatic. If you weren't able to pay, you would get a warning the first payment missed. After that, concurrent bans. Second missed, 3 day. Third missed, week banned. Your account would eventually deleted

Now this seems like a terrible way to get money, why would roblox make this feature at all?
I think it's a good way to get robux out of the economy.

III. Uses
I've seen a lot of people's accounts, and they seem to say "I owe _R$ to ___. This could not only lift them out of the gutter, but slam them back into it in a year.

Whadya think? Comment!