Sunday, January 5, 2014

OPINION: The Heat Death of FPS and the Rise of the Intellectual Game

First-Person Shooters are a much-beloved game genre among millions of gamers around the world. Games like Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and BattleField 4 sell millions of copies, profiting billions of dollars a year. The FPS industry is booming everywhere - even though there is no sign of innovation, no sign of creativity, or anything industry-changing, and personally: we ROBLOX players should all take a note.

The Heat Death of FPS is already among us. While FPS games will always be made by obsessive ROBLOX users in love with the concept of creating such games, it's clear that the very definition behind the quality of FPS games has risen and fallen with the spike of constant creativity. Nowadays, every way you turn, not just on ROBLOX, but everywhere you'll see some form of violence: whether it's in the form of a video game, propaganda, or senseless and reasonless murder. Violence is everywhere - inescapable, and it only extends to the dime-a-dozen, low quality and absurd ROBLOX FPS games. There are only a few decent First Person Shooters left on ROBLOX, most locked, in-development (aheheh Borderline,) or the users responsible for the works of art have left and abandoned their work and because of this - the quality and amount of talent left to create engaging and great FPS games is gone.

But there is something new. Look around, not just on ROBLOX but everywhere. 
Games like AntiChamber are some of the most innovative, interesting, and best-selling games on Steam. Lets look on ROBLOX - Choices, memories, Thoughts and The Fabric of Reality are just a few among the new era of impressive and meaningful games on ROBLOX. So, ladies and gentlemen: I present to you the replacement for FPS, INTELLECTUAL GAMES.

Intellectual Games are taking ROBLOX, Steam, and the Game Industry by storm, usually games created by independent developers, these games take on a new set of priorities: meaning, story, ideas, and graphics and combine these four powerful and moving priorities to move the user - to create a compelling experience.

Intellectual Games are truly the future. They invite gamers to try strategically challenging and puzzling games and that is why they will be so popular

(still working on it - waiting for some quotes from GollyGreg's interview)

With that said, there is so much expansion for games of this type in the future, and while it may be a subtle change of the mass index of people playing FPS to this new and exciting game type, it'll be a very interesting scene to watch not just on ROBLOX - but all over the game industry.