Monday, January 13, 2014

Gear Friday Overview: Sleepy Gear. Yeah, only one gear.

Woohoo! Another Gear Friday! Finally! After so many months of waiting! Wait, what? Oh. There's only one gear. And it's a wand... that makes people sleep... Wow. "Sleeping" gears, I can easily see tons of other gears coming out, but I guess a bunch of ugly hats will do instead. Eh, the sleepy theme came with a face too, so that's okay. Faces are good. One gear on a Friday is bad though. Eh, I guess none would be worse.

"You're getting very sleepy! Put your nearby foes to sleep for a short while."
Appearance: 8/10
Okay, for a pretty terrible gear, it looks okay. It's just a normal wand with a brown hilt, followed by a shiny orange gem thing, followed by a grey twisty thing, followed by a rock with a moon on it. Okay. Not that special. I mean, it's better than some other texture's and meshes we've been seeing lately that are totally low-polygon (you can see triangles in the mesh because it's not smoothed out, examples include Halloween Gift ribbons and other hats).

Ability: 3/10
If there was a ROBLOX dictionary where you look up a word and get a specific item relating to that word, this item would be under "useless." You pretty much just shoot out sparkles which legitimately go 5 studs up, curve down, and land about 10 studs away from you. As far as I know from Harry Potter, magic doesn't fling up and curve down. Terrible aim. Oh, and then when you actually hit somebody, you do damage for some reason (every though it's a sleep wand). Oh, and your enemy doesn't even sleep, the admins just took the lazy way out and made it so they couldn't move, but could still jump. I don't know about you, but I've never seen a sleeping person jump.

Price: 2/10
It's 400 Robux. That is totally insane. The gear isn't even useful, and it's priced at that? Wow. I mean, I'm excited that we got a new gear on a Friday night, but this gear is kind of pathetic.

Overall: 4/10
Eh, it's the looks that really saved this gear. Besides the appearance, this gear is awful. Just awful.