Monday, May 19, 2014

Developing a Successful Game - Tips and Tricks to Help You - Part II

Hello readers! CYNICALCHRIS here, and this articles is going to be all about how an average user, such as yourself, can become famous, and rich, through game development. I don't want to sound "cocky" when I say this, so you must understand that these tips are coming from ACTUAL successful game developers...

When reading this, keep in mind that following these steps will (most likely) not bring you over-night success. You (should) work for the fame you will receive. Do you really want to be the next jaredvaldez? I chose the following people to be interviewed because they were able to reap the benefits of developing their own game. 

Today, I'll be talking with TheAmazeman, creator of Roblox Titanic, Survive the End of Roblox, and a variety of other well-known games.

Background Info
TheAmazeman's most successful game is Roblox Titanic; it had over 10,000,000 when this post was written. With a total of over 18,000,000 (18 MILLION) place visits, TheAmazeman is obviously a knowledgeable Game Developer, as well as a member of the RBXDev Forums. He was also at the ROBLOX booth for the 2014 Maker Faire! TheAmazeman creates brilliant games that are great innovative showcases!

Question Time
Q: When did you join ROBLOX?
A: I joined Roblox on September 24th, 2008.

Q: What do you enjoy more? Building, or Scripting? Why?
A: I enjoy scripting more. I like the challenge of making something work, which will then make what I built into a game. I don't hate building, but I'm just not as good at it than a bunch of other people who are known for their building.

Q: What/Who inspired you to become a Game Developer?
A: Before Roblox, I was inspired by Runescape, Simcity4, the creators of Age of War, Swords and Sandals, and Sonny. Once I got to Roblox one of my biggest inspirations was stickmasterluke, and he still is today. 

Q: What do you feel is more important? Building, or Scripting? Why?
A: I think scripting is more important to make a game have gameplay, but the gameplay wouldn't mean anything without a nice world. Scripting is a bit more important though. 

Q: What tips would you give to the average player that wants to be successful?
A: Start off simple, don't start with a grand idea because it is super hard to finish a complicated game if you are just starting out.

Q: What tips for selling Game specific items (game Passes, etc.) would you give to upcoming developers?
A: Don't sell gamepasses that will ruin the gameplay for other people. I've done this before, and I don't even like the game any more (Laserbike Racing) 

I hope this helps you all out on your game development adventure! Keep building and be unique. Have a good day!