Thursday, May 1, 2014

Are Player Points fair?

I have to admit, that Player Points are highly unfair, and they are another way for Roblox to get people to buy things. Robloxians have started buying more Robux so they can then spend their Robux on buying Player Points or buying items that give Available Player Points. So even though they disguise these Player Points behind words talking about how it will let people become known, it really is another ploy in gaining more money for themselves.

It is also unfair, because many of the richest members of Roblox are getting Player Points, and I don't think it is possible for them to get the amount they are gaining just by playing games, it is obvious they are buying their Points using Robux. The person in 1st at the very moment I write this article is The0neAnd0wnly who has roughly 916,500 Player Points - An extreme number seen as when I last looked about 13 hours ago he wasn't in the Top 100. This means he must've either been playing games for 13 hours straight or he spent thousands of Robux, thousands that most of us can only dream of one day owning.

I think the worst thing is that they allow Games and other admins take part, so maybe it is Beta, but it is still highly unfair. 840,264 Player Points is his current total at this given time, and that is a gigantic number which not many can hope to achieve, and how did he get them? All the people in the Top 10 have just suddenly risen from low numbers to extremes. Some have been at the top longer than others, but even so when you have the 10th having 53,643 Points that is too large to imagine he could've gained by just playing games, especially considering that by the 23rd highest it is down to 4 digits instead of 5.

I can imagine myself getting 1,000 Player Points and I can hope to get 5,000 - maybe even 10,000 - but getting roughly 50,000 Player Points is something I don't expect to gain in a year, nor 2 or 3 years, and probably not even in 5 years. So having the Top 7 in 6 digits is unbelievable and highly unlikely for the average Robloxian to even get close to.

The first forum post I have found about the idea of Player Points is quite different and was thought of by a TBC member Idot200 (Forum). I think his idea sounded pretty good, but a few tweaks and twists could've improved it greatly.

All in all, I think Player Points have a good front, but behind it all it's just another way to get money. I guess that is fair enough, but as a gamer I would prefer the Admins to take our feelings more into account.